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Free Famous Cinnamon Money Spell

Need a free money spell that works?

This easy, fast money spell only uses three items: a dollar bill, cinnamon, and water.

This is one of Aurora Moone’s favorite spells because not only did it work for her, it also worked for at least 50 people in her immediate community!

The trick to this spell is to really, really, really believe and put that belief into the spell work.

Remember, spells work when emotion and belief is put into the work. If you just draw the lines and hope for the best, nothing will happen.

Don’t ask for a specific amount; put your heart into the spell and be amazed at the blessings! This spell is adapted from two different sources.

The Famous Cinnamon Money Spell

Spell Timing: MUST BE CAST During the full moon, on the new moon, or on a Thursday during the waxing moon (Super powerful if this spell is cast on a Thursday Full Moon or a Thursday New Moon)


  • A piece of real Paper money (Aurora Moone used a $1 bill and received $600.)
  • Water – to help the money flow
  • Cinnamon – wealth, money, fortune, swiftness [Buy it!]
  • Sage, or your favorite cleansing item/procedure

Directions: How to cast a money spell

  1. Cleanse yourself in a ritual bath or with sage.
  2. Cleanse your spell ingredients with sage and charge them with the energy of money and wealth.
  3. Prepare your sacred space.
  4. Lightly wet the dollar with the water so it’s a little damp.
  5. Dip your dominant index/power finger into the water then into the cinnamon.
  6. Starting at the top left of your dollar, draw a line of cinnamon down towards you. Similar to anointing a candle for candle magick, this draws the energy into your life.
  7. As you draw the line, feel how happy you would be getting some extra money. You can say a prayer, do your own chant, but you don’t have to. Just feel, with all of your emotion, that you’re going to have some extra money.
  8. Draw a total of five lines.
  9. Fold the dollar and put it into your wallet!

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12 thoughts on “Free Famous Cinnamon Money Spell

    • Aurora Moone says:

      Fantastic! Let us know how the spell goes!
      In Deepest Love + Brightest Light, Blessed Be!

      – Aurora Moone

    • Aurora Moone says:

      Hi Brittany!

      Happy Friday + great question! For our plastic, non-paper money friends, we recommend making a cinnamon spray (out of 1 ounce of distilled water, 3 drops of cinnamon essential oil, and 1 tsp. of 80 proof pure-grain alcohol) and spraying your bill 5 times!

      Blessed Be!
      – Aurora Moone

    • Aurora Moone says:

      Hi Dajanna!

      Happy Thursday! It’s a fantastic night to do this spell!
      If you’re using paper money: When you’re done with the spell, the cinnamon should be stuck to the money!
      If you’re using plastic money: You can pour it into a vial, add the money, and use it as a charm!

      Happy Spelling!
      – Aurora Moone

      • Dajanna Ochoa says:

        Thank you Aurora! Also how long do we keep the bill? I’ve done this spell a few times and I noticed spending the bill helps. I also want to know when you’re about to soend the bill, do we discard the cinnamon from the bill or….?

        • Aurora Moone says:

          You’re so welcome, Sweet Pea! I hold onto the bill, personally, however, this type of magick works best if you do what you’re moved to do! If you are pulled to spend it, then spending it you should do! There’s no wrong way to do sympathetic magick.

          Hope that was helpful!
          – Aurora M.

          • Dajanna Ochoa says:

            Yes, it was very helpful!! I spent it on an inteoductory course to Fairies!! It was amazing.

    • Aurora Moone says:

      Hi Jasmin!

      Happy Full Moon! Great question! Traditionally, many people warn against doing spells during the void of course because there is no major astrological influence when the moon is Void of Course.

      That being said, I, personally, have not noticed much of a difference when doing spells during a Void of Course moon. However, be sure to really amp up the energy and visualization that YOU put into the spell, since there is less energy being amplified by the Universe.

      Love + Light!
      – Aurora Moone

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