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Get Your Dream Job Spell

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Everyone has a dream job in mind, and this job spell is perfect for getting a the job of your dreams. Maybe your dream job comes with things like stability, fun co-workers, the feeling of impact on the world, chances to travel, new experiences, career growth, leadership training, and more! We often wish these things came with our current job, but sometimes they don’t.

If you’re trying to move away from a job that is boring, has a toxic environment, has a sexist environment, or isn’t fulfilling, this spell is for you!

Who should use this Dream Job Spell?

This dream job spell is for anyone who is looking for a job or position that perfect for them and conforms to their needs. This is not a spell to land a job after an interview, and it’s not a spell to obtain a job that you are unqualified for.

This spell is for bringing opportunities to your doorstep so that you may take them!

Aurora Moon of used this spell to get a job that had a male boss (to move away from the catty boss she had before), a job that would help give her the skills she needed to advance in her career, a job that would help her travel, a job that would allow for time to explore her spiritual side, and a job that would have fun coworkers who liked to enjoy life outside of the office. She found herself incredibly attracted to a specific job posting, and without knowing much about the company, she went with her intuition and sent her resume. She easily got that job, and it was pivotal in her career. Now, she’s a business partner and creative services manager at her job. She could not have done it without that initial job posting that! This free spell helped everything fall into place.

Get Your Dream Job Spell 


Spell Timing:

  • New or Waxing Moon
  • Thursday

Spell Directions:

  1. Do Divination: (Optional) Do divination to discover whether or not this spell should be cast at this time. Sometimes, we’re supposed to be in certain situations in order to learn; perhaps there is something you’re supposed to learn from your terrible job. If you divine “Yes”, move forward with the spell!
  2. Create your sacred space: Create and cleanse your sacred space. Cleanse your ingredients, and prepare your ingredients in your favorite way.
  3. Write: Using your green pen, write everything you want to have in your new job or your new position on the green paper. Be specific! Everything you ask for you will receive.
  4. Read + Visualize: When finished, read your list aloud. As you read each item, feel and see yourself already having that item in your professional life. Visualize it as if it has already happened.
  5. Light your green candle.
  6. Read + Visualize: Read each item on your list aloud again, visualizing, once more, that it has already happened. Feel yourself being happy and successful in your new job!
  7. Add Emotion: Bring forth all of your need and emotion for this new job and read your list one last time. Really, really feel yourself having everything on the list.
  8. Fold + Empower: Fold the paper three times and place it under the green candle.
  9. Let candle burn out: If the candle is really small, let the candle burn out. If the candle is a jar candle, feel free to extinguish the candle and relight once every 7 days or until the Full Moon, being sure to feel and see yourself having everything you’ve asked for.
  10. Finish the spell: Burn the paper, and scatter the cooled ashes in the wind.

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