Two glasses of iced tea garnished with mint, evoking a refreshing and inviting summer beverage concept, now infused with a witchy charm for a mystical drinking experience.

Money Maker: Spiced Mint Iced Tea Potion Recipe

Magickal potions just got a modern twist — Iced Potions! We’ve got a stunning Mint Money Maker Iced Potion that will bring money your way! Whether you need a bit of extra cash, or you want to bring success to your business, this Money Maker Iced Potion will lower your temperature and increase your bank account! Iced Potions are so lit in this Witch’s book of shadows! Cool, refreshing, and magickal, this undercover spiced mint iced tea will change your financial life!

What is an Iced Potion?

An iced potion is a fun, new way to brew and drink magickal potions, elixirs, and tonics. Plentiful Earth likes to make our magickal lives fun, and this is a great way to make the mundane magickal, and the magickal extramagickal!

Want to learn more about our newest creation? Read here!

Let’s get brewing, Witches!

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