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Wondering how to make healing gem elixirs? There are crystal healing books for that.

Wish you could look at the stars and know your future? There are beginner astrology books for that.

Looking for new money and love spells to add to your grimoire? There are witchcraft books of spells for that.

Start your journey into Witchcraft or begin discovering your very own spirituality through our large selection of magical books.

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Top Witch Books

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  • Great for Natural Witches from all paths 🌳
  • Herbs, crystals, oils, spells, and more! 💎
  • 257 pages 📖
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  • 2021 Book Riot's Best Books for Beginner Witches 🌟
  • Filled with exercises to help you grow 🧘
  • 264 pages 📖

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How to get into witchcraft?

The magic of Witchcraft is all around us, so getting into the craft can be as simple as doing research on the history of Witchcraft in books or online or finding experienced Witches that fit your spiritual beliefs.

How to get into Wicca?

Research the different traditions of Wicca (such as Dianic, Alexandrian, Gardenarian, Eclectic, Solitary, and more) and discover how to begin your education.

Where to find witchcraft books?

You can find witchcraft books online at stores like or in your local book stores!