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Green Witchcraft is the practice of living naturally and creating positive change in your life and in the environment.

Green Witches embrace the healing powers of natural magic, using healing herbs, and turning to nature for guidance.

Our selection of natural witch books helps you learn a beautiful practice of Witchcraft that teaches you which herbal blends and herbs for healing you should use, how to harness the power of nature, and how to incorporate modern witchcraft into house witch life.

Seasoned practitioners, wise women, and experienced Witches like Arin Murphy-Hiscock and Laurel Woodward share their ritual suggestions, tips and tricks for home-based witchcraft, and authentic spells in their books, here at Plentiful Earth.

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Learn how to become Green Witches with our beginner-friendly books and practical guides on natural magic.

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  • Learn how to garden in your unique hardiness zone 🌱
  • Filled with 80+ spells ✨
  • 408 pages 📖

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  • Inside: Build relationships with faeries & connect with nature on a deep, soul level 🧚‍♀️
  • Learn: Lore & how to grow plants associated with faeries & nature spirits 🌱
  • Pages: 304 pages 📖

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  • Unlock ancient herbal magic 🌙
  • Cultivate spiritual gardens 🍃
  • Secrets for powerful rituals 🔮