2022 Almanacs & Calendars

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Buy 2022 Witches Almanacs, Astrology Calendars, and more Llewellyn items for sale at Plentiful Earth! We carry all of the best almanacs and calendars by Llewellyn, Weiser Books, and more! Get accurate dates for this year’s major sabbats, minor sabbats, esbats, and more! Learn when fire festivals, spring equinox, summer solstice, and more fall throughout the next 365 days! With these calendars, you can also see when full moons are, all current moon phases, and astrological timings!

Be a witch who is always on time! Almanacs are excellent planners for Wiccan covens, High Priestesses, High Priests, and solo practitioners! Keep track of the best days to perform specific spells, rites, and rituals.


  • Filled with stores and witchy illustrations ✏️
  • A great summary of every Witches' Almanac ever created ⭐
  • 288 pages 📖
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