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What does a Witch need on their altar? Pillar candles, spell ingredients, and, of course, somewhere to focus your manifestation powers – an altar tile.

Different practitioners of the craft use their altars as symbols of change, growth, and manifestation.

In Plentiful Earth’s Metaphysical Store, you can buy traditional pentagram, modern pentacle, historical triquetra, Wiccan altar tiles, and more.

Earn 70 Points

  • Great for small, grounding crystal grids 💎
  • Perfect for empowering ritual items 🗡
  • 4" in diameter. Source: Pakistan 📏
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Earn 70 Points

  • Great for charing objects ⚡
  • Looks incredible on your altar 🖤
  • Source: Pakistan. 4" 📏
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Earn 17 Points

  • Makes a great centerpiece for your altar ⭐
  • Tap items on this tile to charge them 🌟
  • 5.75" in diameter 📏
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Earn 23 Points

Ideal for use as a trivet for hot items on your altar or as a symbol of mysticism and magic, this large silver-tone cut-out pentacle altar tile is perfect for any altar. Measures 5.75 inches.

Earn 11 Points

Intricately woven and carved, this Pentacle Altar Tile measures 3″ in diameter and is perfect to act as an pentacle plate or coaster for your candles or incense! Measures 3″ x 3/8″.

Earn 38 Points

Measuring approximately 6 inches in diameter, this Pentacle Candle Holder Altar Plate is the perfect addition to your sacred space! An elegant combination of mystical symbolism with practical use, this altar plate displays a pentagram, with five smaller pentagrams settled at each of its points to hold tealight candles.

Earn 4 Points

  • Great for smaller altars ⚡
  • Represents all of the elements plus spirit 🔥
  • 2.75" in diameter 📏
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Earn 5 Points

This wonderfully carved and stained Pentacle Wooden Altar Tile will fit in even the smallest of altar spaces and act as a focus for your workings. This wooden tile makes a great centerpiece for any altar, especially Earth dedicated altars! Carved from wood, this tile measures 4″ in diameter.

Earn 3 Points

  • Great for empowering ritual tools ⚔️
  • Perfect for compact altars 📦
  • 3 inches in diameter ⭐
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Earn 3 Points

This Soapstone Triple Moon Altar Tile measures at 3 inches in diameter and is the perfect earth piece for your altar! Assorted colors.

Earn 3 Points

This Soapstone Triquetra Altar Tile, carved of soapstone, measures 3″ in diameter and is a wonderful symbol of mind, body and spirit and the Triple Goddess.

Earn 13 Points

This Triple Moon Altar Tile is an elegant addition to any altar or sacred space. Made of silver-plated brass, it beautifully displays the sacred triple moon symbol while measuring 3.5″ in diameter.

What is an altar tile used for?

The most common use for altar tiles is to help empower tools to help you manifest spells faster. They can also act as a focal point for your manifestation or a charging disk to help enchant charms. Each use depends on the individual spiritualist and actual ritual in progress!

What symbols are on Wiccan altar tiles?

Wiccan altar tiles usually have pentacles, triquetras, and the triple moon or triple Goddess symbol on them.

What's the difference between a pentacle altar tile and a pentagram altar tile?

A pentagram is a five-pointed star that stands for bringing together the five elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.

A pentacle adds the circle around the five elements to show their connection to the universe and the protection that it provides.

Do I have to use a pentacle or can I get a dragon, goddess, triskelion, or triquetra altar tile?

Your altar tile can be any symbol that matches the energy needed for your spell! If you want to add the strength, fire, and protection of a dragon to your spell, you can use a dragon altar tile.

Should I get a soapstone or wooden altar tile? Does material matter?

We prefer soapstone altar tiles because they can also double as a fire-safe surface for burning candle spells on! That's just our preference!