Altar Tiles

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Buy Metaphysical Altar Tiles & Altar Pentacles

What does a Witch need on their altar? Pillar candles, spell ingredients, and, of course, somewhere to focus your manifestation powers – an altar tile.

Different practitioners of the craft use their altars as symbols of change, growth, and manifestation.

In Plentiful Earth’s Metaphysical Store, you can buy traditional pentagram, modern pentacle, historical triquetra, Wiccan altar tiles, and more.

What is an altar tile used for?

The most common use for altar tiles is to help empower tools to help you manifest spells faster. They can also act as a focal point for your manifestation or a charging disk to help enchant charms. Each use depends on the individual spiritualist and actual ritual in progress!

What symbols are on Wiccan altar tiles?

Wiccan altar tiles usually have pentacles, triquetras, and the triple moon or triple Goddess symbol on them.

What's the difference between a pentacle altar tile and a pentagram altar tile?

A pentagram is a five-pointed star that stands for bringing together the five elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.

A pentacle adds the circle around the five elements to show their connection to the universe and the protection that it provides.

Do I have to use a pentacle or can I get a dragon, goddess, triskelion, or triquetra altar tile?

Your altar tile can be any symbol that matches the energy needed for your spell! If you want to add the strength, fire, and protection of a dragon to your spell, you can use a dragon altar tile.

Should I get a soapstone or wooden altar tile? Does material matter?

We prefer soapstone altar tiles because they can also double as a fire-safe surface for burning candle spells on! That's just our preference!