4 blue glass eye nazars hanging to protect against the evil eye

6 Protection Symbols to Keep You Safe

If you’ve found this article, chances are, you’re looking for extra protection in your life! Protection comes in many forms: spiritual, energetic, immunity, physical, and mental. Each form of protection utilizes a unique blend from many types of sources, not just one. So, when it comes to protection magic, we highly recommend combining spell work with physical actions in order to ensure maximum safety.

If you are looking for protection against the flu, viruses, or any other sickness, always consult your doctor first if you feel you are becoming ill. Once you’ve started your medical treatment or preventative care, then you should work with protection magic, such as Wiccan protection symbols, Witch protection symbols, and more. 

If you are worried for your physical or mental safety, make sure you’re working with the police or a therapist first, then begin working with protection symbols.

Magic and mundane must always work in tandem. Action should be taken in, both, the physical realm and the spiritual realm.

Finally, Witches exist in every culture and every religion. Because of this, ancient cultural symbols are often used within their working. You may see some non-Pagan symbols in this article, but don’t be afraid to give them a try!

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6 Protection Symbols to keep you Safe

1. Algiz Rune keeps you safe from random, unseen harm.

The agliz rune is a great all-purpose protection sigil that can be used to keep you safe from everything! Used to help people make the best choices for their highest good, the algiz rune is perfect for protecting you from any harm that may come your way, due to a random event. It also helps empower you to be less afraid and make the best decisions if you find yourself in danger. 

Wear this symbol or draw it on your house to keep you safe from intruders, unwanted visitors, or any illness that doesn’t align with your highest good.

2. Cross is a great symbol of protection in all areas.

Though this is typically seen as a Christian symbol, it still holds an immense amount of power. Also, let’s not forget about our fellow Christian Witches who successfully mix their spiritualities every day.

Wear this symbol or draw in on any item to invoke the power of universal love and protection. These powers help ward away bad luck, illness, harmful energies, and physical harm. Be sure to always let your cross know what you need help with, in order to direct its charge to a specific purpose.

3. Angels can help protect you when you ask them directly.

Another symbol that is thought to be strictly Christian, Angels are always on standby to help anyone in need. Yes, they exist in Christian theology and Jewish culture, but they also exist in the Witches Qabala and the Qabbalistic Tree of Life. 

Angels can bring you good luck and good fortune, turn away the power of evil, bring blessings, and bestow good health and healing upon you.

Wear angel symbols, burn angel candles, and ask your angels for specific protection; they often don’t help unless directly asked.

4. Nazars (Evil Eye warding charms) keep harmful wishes and hexes away from you.

In many European cultures, evil eye warding charms represent a fake version of your own eye that is meant to distract harmful energies from finding your real eye. In Middle Eastern and Greek cultures, this fake eye is typically a blue glass bead that is used to protect against the evil thoughts that are sent to you.

Use this eye symbol to protect you against what some people call “the stink eye”. Belief in the evil eye and its protective powers will keep you safe from any evil wishes sent from your enemies.

5. Hamsa protects you from everything.

Also known as the Hand of Fatima, this symbol features a palm with the fingers of the hand, which are pressed together like the universal symbol of “stop”. It literally stops things from harming you. 

In the center of the palm is a single eye, which is similar to the Evil Eye charm. The Hamsa is known in Middle East cultures as the hand of God. This is another symbol that wards off the evil eye, but it also works to bring divine intervention to anything that would cause you harm.

Hang the hamsa in your home or wear jewelry that has this symbol to keep yourself protected against all that is not aligned with your highest good.

6. Eye of Horus gives you good health.

Introduced to us by the Ancient Egyptians, the Eye of Horus is worn to protect its wearer from becoming sick. Symbolically, this eye represents each of the parts working together to complete a whole; if any single part is not working well, the entire system does not work. By wearing the Eye of Horus, you are allowing your body to be healed so that all of your senses may operate as one.

Wear the Eye of Horus to help boost your immune system and keep you healthy.

Don’t want to tie yourself to a single culture? Make your own protection sigil! Find out how →

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