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Cloves: Magical Uses & Spiritual Meanings

Cloves are an iconic remedy and staple in holiday baked goods, but can clove’s benefits help in your daily spiritual and magical practice?

Absolutely! This dried, hard flower has powerful, fiery energy, meaning that using it in spells will almost always aid in manifestation!

Clove’s benefits are both magical and mundane!

How Can I Use Cloves In Spells?

Whole cloves, clove powder, and clove oil can be used in spells by adding it to an incense blend, adding it to a pouch, dressing a candle, or turning the dried flower into a charm.

Clove incense can also be used to add energy to your spells and sacred space.

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What Are The Magical Properties Of Cloves?

The magical effects of cloves give it the power to add energy to your money spells, protection spells, luck spells, love spells, mental health spells, and more! It can also help speed up other spells and make manifestation happen faster!

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Complete List Of Magickal Properties Of Cloves

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Our complete Materia Magicka contains everything you need to know to work with Cloves in spells, rituals, and healing.

Latin Name

  • Syzygium aromaticum


  • Masculine

Elemental Correspondences

  • Fire
  • Air

Planetary Correspondences

  • Sun
  • Jupiter

Signs that Rule Cloves

  • Aries

Deities that Rule Cloves

  • Osiris
  • Oya

Chakras that work with Cloves

  • Root chakra
  • Sacral chakra
  • Solar plexus chakra

Cloves’ Magickal Properties & Meanings

Use cloves in:

  • Anxiety Relief: Diffuse clove essential oil during meditation and mental health healing rituals.
  • Banishing Spells: Boil the whole spice in water for 11 minutes. Forcefully sprinkle the water around your space to banish harmful energies.
  • Breaking Hexes: Add ground cloves to ground black pepper. Mix well, then dress and burn a black candle.
  • Cleansing Crystals: Make a decoction from whole cloves and use this water to cleanse your crystal ball or water-soluble crystals.
  • Courage Spells: Carry three clove buds to fill your aura with courage and strength.
  • Divination: Drink clove tea before reading tarot cards, pendulums, crystals balls, runes, and more to increase your psychic abilities.
  • Empathy Spells: Dress a pink candle or light green candle with the ground spice to help people better understand emotions and needs.
  • Exorcisms: Burn the spice as incense to drive away baneful, harmful energies. This is a great white sage smudge replacement.
  • Friendship Spells: To keep friendships strong, add one clove for each friend to a pink bag.
  • Longevity Spells: Enchant and drink clove herbal tea while visualizing yourself as protected, internally and externally.
  • Love Spells: Steep cloves in wine to add romance to your evening.
  • Luck Spells: Create a good luck charm by adding cloves, cinnamon, bay, basil, and your favorite good luck herbs to a green sachet bag. Visualize success!
  • Mental Clarity: Create a personal aromatherapy stick by adding salt and clove oil to a small, glass vial. Open and smell whenever you need a boost of mental clarity.
  • Money Spells: Add the ground herb to your cinnamon blend in our famous cinnamon money spell to boost its power. You can also dress a green candle in a money candle spell!
  • Passion: Surround a red candle with 7 whole cloves and burn to add passion to your life.
  • Psychic Shielding: Carry three whole cloves to increase the strength of your psychic shield.
  • Protection Spells: Make a decoction from the whole spice and use the water to draw protection sigils on your home.
  • Stop Gossip: Baked goods always make friends. Bake a spiced cake with cloves, visualizing gossip stopping as you do. Offer the cake as a gift to those who have been gossiping.
  • Wealth Spells: Sprinkle the ground spice into your wallet to pull wealth into your life.

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