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Garlic Magical Properties | Herbs For Protection

Garlic’s magical properties are steeped in delicious recipes and a long tradition of healing and mysticism. Historically, garlic’s intense, but delicious, energy has made it one of the most popular herbs for protection and good health. 

This savory bulb’s culinary uses are endless, so it can also be found in almost every pantry around the world.

In fact, this herb is so deeply ingrained in our psyche that we often think of or perform small rituals pulled from old folklore all the time.

Do these small superstitions mean there’s a little Witch in all of us? We think so!

Garlic: An Herb For Protection

Garlic and Witches (and Vampires)

Italian Witches use garlic to ward off hexes, curses, and the common cold. Kitchen Witches use the herb for protection, similar to how onions are used.

It’s safe to say that the old “string garlic behind the door to ward away Witches” doesn’t work.

Instead, witches use this bulb for that same protection magic, against actual evil spirits and people, harmful energies, and illness. It’s one of my favorite witchcraft herbs, though I’m Italian so it checks out.

Does Garlic Really Kill Vampires?

As for warding off vampires with garlic? We have a theory from relatively recent history.

Many illnesses, such as tuberculosis (consumption), were believed to be the work of a vampire. People used to garlic ward away the vampires that were apparently wiping out full families in one night.

We now know that tuberculosis is a bacterial respiratory infection and garlic’s antimicrobial properties helped kill the bacteria.

Garlic Magic

How Can I Use Garlic In Spells?

Whole garlic bulbs and cloves of garlic can be made into charms. Crushed, sliced, and minced garlic can be used in magical edibles, such as potions, soups, sauces, and roasts.
Used the dried powder in sachet bags, spell bottles, jar spells, and more. Focus on your magical intent and visualize your goal as if it’s already happened while you work with the herb.

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What Are The Magical Properties Of Garlic?

Garlic’s magical correspondences include protection from illness, warding off the evil eye, reversing curses, stopping gossip, providing long life, and giving spells a good power boost.

A braid of garlic by a house door

What Are The Health Benefits Of Garlic?

Eat garlic to help regulate blood sugar, reduce high blood pressure, slow the hardening of the arteries, and help reduce fat buildup in the liver.

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Garlic’s Complete List Of Magickal Properties | Herbs For Protection

Our complete Materia Magicka contains everything you need to know to work with garlic in spells, rituals, and healings.

Latin Name

  • Allium sativum

Folk Names

  • Italian Perfume (Rude!)
  • Poor Man’s Treacle
  • Stinkweed


  • Masculine

Elemental Correspondences

  • Fire

Planetary Correspondences

  • Mars

Signs that Rule Garlic

  • Aries

Deities that Rule Garlic

  • Hecate

Chakras that work with Garlic

  • Root chakra

Garlic’s Magickal Uses

  • Banishing 
    • Add a clove or the dried powder to any banishing spells or incense.
    • Hang dried bulbs or a braid in a space to continuously banish harmful energies and evil spirits.
  • Breaking Curses & Hexes 
    • Wipe the blades of a pair of scissors with the clove’s juice, place a drop of olive oil into a glass of water, and use the scissors to cut through the drop of oil. 
    • Write down any bad luck you think may be from a hex or curse. Bury it in a deep hole with a clove.
  • Confidence 
    • Add an unpeeled clove to a confidence spell jar to help boost your confidence.
    • Plant a clove. As the new plant grows, as will your confidence.
  • Healing 
    • Speed recovery from an illness: Sleep with sliced garlic cloves around your bed to help speed recovery. This also works with onions. 
    • Clear up skin issues: Rub the sliced side of a garlic clove on a bug bite or skin ailment, rinse the clove under running water, then throw it away. The same can be done with an onion. 
    • Ward off common colds: Slice and simmer fresh garlic in oil over low heat until it starts to turn golden brown. Allow it to cool and eat while you cook the rest of dinner in the garlic oil.
  • Longevity 
    • Keep a garlic braid in your root cellar or a cool area of your house. Eat from it and continue adding to it to maintain a long life.
  • Power Boost 
    • Leave a bulb at a crossroads as an offering to Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft.
    • Make any spell stronger by adding it to any spell, sachet, or mojo bag to boost its potency.
  • Protection 
    • Burn the dried powder as part of an incense blend to build protection around yourself or a talisman.
  • Remove Negative Energy 
    • Peeled cloves placed around the four corners of your home or around your doorways absorb and neutralize bad vibes.
  • Strength 
    • Simmer or roast whole cloves in your cooking and eat the cloves whole to fill your body with strength and increase your endurance.
  • Stops Gossip 
    • Stash a clove in a common area at work or school that gossipers tend to meet at.

What are some of your favorite ways to use this herb in your magickal working? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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