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Magical Properties of Thyme | Thyme Materia Magicka

Many modern Pagans’ and Wiccans’ best set of magical spell ingredients exists within their kitchen pantry!

Thyme is a great, all-purpose spell ingredient and herb that’s great for healing spells, protection spells, beauty spells, and more! 

Not only can this herb positively influence the feng shui of your home by inviting positive energy, but thyme can also help with respiratory issues, colds, acne, and more!

Thanks to its constituent “thymol”, this herb makes a great medicinal plant for any green witch or healer!

Here’s our list of the magickal correspondences of thyme!

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Magickal Properties of Thyme | Thyme Materia Magicka

Latin Name

  • Thymus spp.

Folk Names for Thyme

  • Thymos

Gender of Thyme

  • Feminine

Elements that Rule Thyme

  • Water
  • Air

Planets that Rule Thyme

  • Venus

Signs that Rule Thyme

  • Cancer

Deities that Rule Thyme

  • Aphrodite
  • Ares
  • Athena
  • Freya
  • Venus

Chakras that work with Thyme

  • Third Eye
  • Heart

Thyme’s Magickal Properties

Thyme can be used in spells and magical recipes for beauty, courage, happiness, good health, protection, fairy communication, psychic ability improvement, and the prevention of nightmares.

Here are a few quick spells that use thyme as the main spell ingredient.

  • Beauty: Make an infusion of fresh thyme to create a beauty potion for your skin. Anoint yourself in or add to your bath water to invoke beauty. This is also great to do as your cleansing bath before beauty spells or rituals honoring Aphrodite!
  • Courage: Burn a sprig of this herb during a courage spell or right before you need a boost of courage to remove your fear! This is particularly good for curing fear of speaking!
  • Fairy Communication: It’s said that the space between the leaves of this plant is the doorway to the Fae! Grow this herb in your garden to win the favor of the faerie folk. 
  • Happiness: Combine this herb with marjoram in a sachet or happiness spell jar to invoke the positive energy of happiness and joy. 
  • Healing and Good Health: Use this spell ingredient in each part of your healing spell to help increase the amount of healing energy in your sacred space. Use incense, the herb, diluted essential oil, and more!
  • Prevent Nightmares: Sleep with this herb under your pillow or create a sleep eye pillow to ward away bad dreams. You can also hang sprigs of this above your bed as a permanent good dream charm.
  • Protection: Create a floor wash by infusing this herb with water. As you wash your floor, draw protection sigils onto the floor to help boost this easy protection spell. You can also add this herb and rosemary to a green bag and bury it on your property to protect your home.
  • Psychic Abilities: Anoint your third eye with diluted essential oil or with an infusion made from this plant to increase your psychic ability! You can also wash your crystal ball in a tea made from this herb. Finally, carry a few sprigs to help increase your intuition.
  • Remove Negative Energy: Make a broom with thyme bristles to “sweep” away negative vibes and bad energy from your sacred space. We like to use this herb in conjunction with white sage for a powerful space cleansing spell!
  • Sleep: Make a magickally charged pillow filled with this herb or add it to your child’s favorite stuffed animal to help call sleep to you. Be sure to enchant this charm during your next sleep spell ritual!
  • Strength Restoration: Combine thyme essential oil with your favorite carrier oil to make a magical massage potion. (See the best essential oil dilution chart here.) Perform a massage within sacred space as part of a healing ritual to restore physical strength to a person.
  • Victory: Add dried sprigs to a bonfire to increase your chances of victory in competitive situations.

What are some of your favorite ways to use Thyme in your magickal working? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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