Golden pot pie fresh from the oven, served in a cast-iron skillet on a rustic wooden table, hinting at a metaphysical comfort meal.

Vegetarian Pot Pie for Beauty, Grounding, and Protection

How can food be magical? Can you put a spell on food? Absolutely! Magic is all about intention manifestation. Ingredients all have vibrations that lend themselves to specific intentions. So, by adding specific ingredients and visualizing your intention, you can make your food magical! Hello, Kitchen Witches! We see you! 

How is this magical recipe for beauty, ground, and protection?

Kitchen Witchcraft is the art of empowering each ingredient’s energy to work towards a specific goal. This Vegetable Pot Pie includes ingredients that are good for beauty spells, love spells, romance spells, grounding spells, protection spells, and growth spells! As the Witch creating this meal, you can choose to add each of these ingredients to your spell recipe to work towards a goal.

How do I use food as a spell?

Each ingredient below has its magical properties listed next to it! As you prepare them and add them to your recipe, pick one of its attributes and visualize how it plays a role in your overall goal. 

For example, if you are making this pot pie to ground crazy energies after a fight, start by seeing everyone who eats the pot pie as being relaxed and grounded. As you dice the carrots, state that the carrots are for grounding and visualize everyone who eats the pot pie as being relaxed and grounded. As you chop the onion, state that it’s for banishing negativity; visualize everyone who eats the pie as being filled with positive energy.

Do this for each ingredient.

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This delicious recipe can be made during the Mabon feast!

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