A wooden cutting board piled with crispy roasted sweet potato wedges garnished with fresh parsley and imbued with new age product energies.

Sweet Potato Oven Wedges for Friendship, Happiness, and Grounding | Kitchen Witchcraft Recipes

Really good food always makes us happy and these crispy, sweet, and savory, magickal oven Sweet Potato Wedges will fill your belly up with joy and more! Chances are, you’ve heard that the secret ingredient is love, but here, it’s happiness, friendship, and grounding.

How do recipe spells work?

What is the secret to Kitchen Witchcraft? Each ingredient adds its own energy to a recipe and your love charges them up!

Everything in our lives has energy and that energy can shift and move into other people, places, and things. Why not recognize and use the good vibes that food gives us and amplify them when you cook? Simply visualize your goal while you cook, acknowledging the energy that each item adds to your spell as you chop and add them!

What can I use this magical recipe for?

This easy sweet potato recipe makes a great snack, side dish, or potluck item for a Mabon or Samhain feast! Empower this dish to repair friendships, recharge your sacral chakra, and inspire optimism!

In this recipe, we pan-sear the outsides of each wedge to make sure they’re crispy when they come out of the oven!

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