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How Do I Cast A Love Spell?

There are 8 steps to casting a powerful love spell:

  1. Pick a spell to cast, and get the ingredients.
  2. Create a sacred space. If you want to follow Wicca or a White Witch path, consider casting a circle.
  3. Think of the traits you want in a partner. 
  4. Visualize yourself in a happy relationship. Really see and feel what it feels like to have a partner with those traits’ arms around you. Pretend it’s really happening right now; trust us.
  5. Cast the spell you chose. If you’re practicing Wicca, we recommend saying “An it harm none, so mote it be.”
  6. Visualize again. Once you feel all of the love you can possibly fit into your body, move on to the next step.
  7. Let the spell go. Forget about the spell. Let it run its course. Trust us. If you’re practicing Wicca, we recommend saying “An it harm none, so mote it be.”
  8. Clean up your sacred space.

With visualization, need, and personal will, you can cast a successful love spell. “All you have to do is think about something and let yourself have it,” said the character Aggie Cromwell; she’s not wrong.

Love Spell FAQs

At Plentiful Earth, we believe in the power of You! Because we know that every person has the ability to manifest their perfect life, we do not cast spells for people.

Instead, we have decided to share a variety of free spells so you can find your true, personal power through your journey to improve your love life.

Manifestation is something that every human has the ability to do! It’s so important to be part of the process of spell casting. Your energy, drive, and strong hope for something to happen are what make love spells work. You can do it! We know you can.

Technically, yes, you can make someone fall in love with you; however, we don’t recommend it. Many people who have turned to Witchcraft to solve specific relationship problems express regret. The relationship never felt fulfilled or red flags for violence were missed and spell casters ended up stuck in dangerous scenarios.

Please do not target individual people with love spells. If there is an issue in a relationship, work on understanding the mundane root of the problem. Don’t light red candles, look for red flags. If you feel that you’re in a dangerous relationship, please turn to your local domestic violence hotline or safe space (US | UK | Other Countries), not Witchcraft.

Instead, we recommend using marriage spells, voodoo dolls, attraction spells, and other types of white magic on the traits of a person you’d like to marry. That way, the Universe can place the right person within your path! The best part of this approach is that it typically works faster than trying to enchant a specific person!