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Aurora Moone’s Beacon for True Love Spell

Wish you had more action in your love life? You’re not alone! Plenty of Witches, even White Witches, cast love spells on the daily, and there’s no better time to cast a love spell than now. This Wiccan-approved love spell is an ethical spell that calls a person to you using only traits that you want in a lover. It does not control a specific person, which means that your spell will pull from the many fish that are available in the sea!

This means that you are not affecting the willpower of another person. Instead, this spell sends up an energetic beacon that tells the universe that you’re available for a relationship. It tells the universe what you want, and the universe finds another lit beacon that matches yours and brings you together.

This love spell utilizes sympathetic magick; actions within the ritual of the spell mirror actions in the real world. In essence, the microcosm you create on your altar affects the macrocosm of the world around us. Two red candles burn next to each other, you hold the traits next to your heart, and you seal it with a kiss. All of these motions serve to move the energy to the right place at the right time.

Aurora Moone’s Beacon for True Love Spell

Love Spell Timing:

Love Spell Ingredients

Love Spell Directions:

  1. Cleanse: Cleanse your sacred space and spell items with a sage bundle or palo santo.
  2. Cast: If your spiritual path calls for it, cast a protective circle around your sacred space.
  3. Prepare:
    1. Cut your paper into 12 pieces.
    2. Place one candle in front of you, in a candle holder, on the altar.
    3. If you’re a woman or more feminine, place the second candle to the right side. If you’re a man or more masculine, place the second candle to the left side.
  4. Consecrate the first candle:
    1. Carve your name into the first candle and place it back into the candle holder.
    2. Say:
      I am a beacon of loving light. Let my best traits shine.
      Let my brightest light summon he/she who shall be mine.
    3. Light the candle.
  5. Call the traits you want in a lover to you:
    1. On each of the 12 pieces of paper, write a single trait that you’re looking for in a partner.
    2. Once you write one, fold it three times toward you.
    3. Visualize and feel a relationship full of that trait.
    4. Place the folded trait into your pouch.
  6. Add vibrations of love:
    1. Hold the pouch and visualize a future partner containing all 12 traits.
    2. See the pouch glowing red, full of love and romance.
    3. Add 3 drops of rose essential oil.
    4. Add 3 drops of ylang ylang essential oil.
  7. Seal the pouch:
    1. Blow a kiss into the pouch and close it.
    2. Place it in front of your lit beacon candle.
  8. Consecrate the second candle:
    1. Carve “Future Partner” into the second candle and place it back into the candle holder.
    2. Place the candle next to your lit candle.
    3. Move the pouch in front of that candle.
    4. Visualize and feel a person embodying those traits until you think you feel their physical presence.
    5. Light the second candle using the flame from your candle.
  9. Finish the spell:
    1. Say:
      We now share a light, a spark in the night
      A spark that draws you to me, Mr./Mrs. Right.
      To love and to hold, lo and behold
      I now have a love with which to grow old.
      An’ it harm none, so mote it be.
    2. Know that the spell has been put into motion.
  10. Close the circle: If you cast a circle for step two, take your circle down, now.
  11. Wear your spell: Place the pouch close to your heart.

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