chime candle holders

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  • Perfect for love spells ❤️
  • Great handfasting decor 👰🏽
  • Holds 1 chime candle 🕯️
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The moon holds the powers of intuition, wisdom, femininity, and so much more! Invite that energy into your sacred space with this elegant Crescent Moon Chime Candle Holder! Crafted from pewter, this candle holder makes a wonderful addition to you altar!


These White Ceramic Chime Candle Holders are the best holders for your chimes because they act as energy or spell boosters! This is because of their pure, white color and energy. I recommend these for all of your chime candles!


This beautiful Yule Chime Candle Holder holds the intention of brightening your Yule or Christmas a little more cheer! This candelabra features Angels, a Clown, and a Horse that can be interchanged upon the top! This aluminum candle holder measures 7″ x 4″ x 4″; height will vary slightly depending on the top you use [...]


  • Great for holding chime candles 🕯
  • Perfect for Astro Witches 🌟
  • 100% pewter ⭐
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