Ancestor Worship

Ancestor Worship, or Ancestor Veneration, is an incredibly powerful way to connect to your biological and spiritual heritage.

The practice of ancestor worship plays a large role in many cultures and religious practices around the world. Ancestor altars, dedicated sacred spaces, celebrations, and feasts are historically practiced in Hispanic traditions, Vietnamese culture, African religions, Japanese culture, and more.

Learn how to work with your ancestral spirits with the books in our shop from authors like Patti Wigington and Raven Grimassi.

Learn how to:

  • Set up an ancestor altar.
  • Honor those who came before us.
  • Give common offerings on your ancestral altars.
  • Select, make, and use food offerings.
  • Build and truly connect to your family tree.
  • Ask for help and guidance from your ancestor spirits.

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Discover and celebrate your generations of ancestors, ancestral spirits, and family story while incorporating them into your own spiritual practice.

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