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Shop for Wiccan books and learn about one of the origins of modern Witchcraft – Wicca.

Constructed from various Pagan practices of the world’s ancient religions, Wicca was brought to life by Gerald Gardner, and expanded upon by the research and minds of Doreen Valiente, Scott Cunningham, Raymond Buckland, Alex Sanders, Sybil Leek, Alex Winfield, and more.

Today, Wicca is one of the many types of Witchcraft practices under the Pagan tree.

Whether you lean towards Gardnerian Wicca, British Traditional Wicca, Alexandrian Wicca, Dianic Wicca, or solitary Wicca, we carry every book you need to grow your practice!

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Discover the world’s most popular Wiccan practices, authors, and collection of spells from the Wiccan religion.

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Learn how to incorporate the magick of the Wiccan Tradition into your everyday life. Shop for moon spells and green witch practices from Arin Murphy-Hiscock or psychic Wiccan practices from Mat Auryn.

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