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Call true love into your life with this amazing beginners Attract Lover Spell Kit! Assembled by AzureGreen, this kit comes with step-by-step instructions on how to cast an easy love spell! Bring out the power of your true inner Witch and use the power of intention to cast your love spell, today!

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  • Great for removing unwanted energy and people 👋
  • Simply follow the directions 🕯
  • Created by AzureGreen ⭐
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This Bat’s Blood Spell Writing kit comes with 5 sheets of parchment, 1 feather to fashion as a quill pen, and 1 bottle of Bat’s Blood magical ink to create magic seals, spells & petitions of curses, jinxing & their reversals.


  • Learn to make your own feather pen 🖋️
  • Write spells in a traditional way ⚡
  • 2 natural feathers, may look different on arrival ⭐
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Customize petitions, letters, cards, spells, rituals, and more with the beautiful stamps and wax seals inside of this Beginner Wax Seal Stamp Kit. This boxed kit includes one blue wax stick, one silver wax stick, one gold wax stick, a wooden handle, and three, interchangeable brass screw on wax seal stamps of the Sun, the Triple [...]


Try out all of the best vibes this world has to offer with this beginner’s cleansing kit! This is a combo pack of 2 – 4″ California White Sage bundles, and 2 – Palo Santo sicks.


  • Rainbow Sage, Palo Santo, Selenite, Chakra Crystal Bracelet ✅
  • Perfect before chakra cleansing work 🌈
  • Comes with a storage pouch 👜
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  • Great for beginners or travelers!
  • 1 stone for each of the 7 chakras!
  • Fits discreetly into your purse or pocket!
  • Always be ready for a quick pick-me-up.
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Naturally balance your chakras and invite the balancing energies of the chakras into your home with this beautiful 7 pack of Chakra Votive Candles! This is a set of 7 brilliantly colored votive candles dedicated to the 7 chakra points. Informational cards are included, each detailing an individual Chakra and its various associations. Warning: DO [...]


  • Great beginner chakra kit 😍
  • Contains book and crystals 💎
  • 64 pages 📖
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Learn to read and interpret the Tarot with this wonderful Easy Tarot Deck & Book Set! Using the popular deck, The Gilded Tarot, this book takes the reader through each suit, thoroughly explaining and interpreting each and every card! This makes a great gift for aspiring tarot readers and experienced readers alike! Not only will [...]


  • Pre-consecrated ingredients
  • Easy-to-understand instructions
  • Perfect for beginners!
  • Set it and forget it spell!


If you’ve always wanted to learn to read playing cards like the gypsies and psychics of the old world, but have had a hard time the this is the deck for you! This Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards by Mlle Lenormand contains all 52 playing cards with written explanations directly on the cards! Learn [...]


Assembled and created by AzureGreen, this Money Drawing Spell Writing Kit is great for creating magickal seals, spells, and petitions for money, growth, and fertility. This beginner’s spell kit comes with: 5 sheets of parchment 1 quill pen 1 bottle of Money Green magical ink Be sure to cast this spell in the safety of [...]


  • Perfect for beginner palm readers! ✋🏽
  • Small size helps this palm fit anywhere! 🔮
  • Measures 5" x 3" x 1" 📏
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  • Contains everything you need for your first protection spell ⚪
  • Constructed and enchanted by AzureGreen ⚡
  • Perfect for beginners! ✨
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