White Sage

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California white sage is thought by many to be the best herb to use for cleansing and purification rituals. This small bundle of California sage measures approximately 3 – 3 1/2″ in length, and has been wrapped tight with red and white string to keep it contained. If properly extinguished after each use, this small bundle [...]


White sage is a powerful type of sage that raises the energetic vibration of an area to its highest level. This tight bundle of California White Sage is a great addition to any ritual practice. Light one and allow the fragrant smoke to carry your cleansings, blessings, prayers, and magic. The string color of this sage stick [...]


Sometimes called a “smudge stick”, this 7″ Sage Cleansing Bundle is made of California White Sage! Simply light the leafy end of this sage bundle, wait for the fire to dissipate, and gently waft the cleansing smoke into every dark area of your life!


  • Great for cleansing bad vibes ⚡
  • Simply light the end and blow it out 🔥
  • 3 inches 📏
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  • A red smudge stick! ❣️
  • White sage coated in dragon's blood resin 🐲
  • 5-6" in length 📏
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Bless, cleanse, and purify your sacred space, tools, and self with this adorable Wee Sage Bundle! Measuring 4 inches in length, this is the perfect size for a sage bundle!


  • White Sage + Red Dragon's Blood Resin 🔻
  • Perfect for powerful cleansings! ⚡
  • 3-pack of 4" smudge sticks 📏
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California white sage is the star of this New Age White Sage Bundle! Use this smudge stick to cleanse and purify all energies in a space, person, or item! This stick measures 5″.


  • Great for cleansing small spaces 🌟
  • Simply light a piece of sage 🔥
  • Less smoke than a sage bundle 🙌
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This is a 3 pack of small Ancient Aroma White Sage Smudge Sticks. Use it in all of your purification and cleansing rituals. Each stick measures 3.5″.


  • Comes with shell, stand, and smudge stick ♨
  • Great for beginners 🌟
  • 3" white sage herb bundle 🌿
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White Sage is a favorite among Witches for clearing harmful energies from a space or person, as well as in purification rituals! This White Sage Smudge Bundle Pack, from New Age Smudges & Herbs, contains 3 white sage smudge sticks that measure 3″ or 4″ each!


  • Perfect gift for coven mates 🎁
  • Great for stocking up 🆙
  • Bulk order of 3" white sage bundles ⭐
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  • Great for blessing and cleansing large areas 🏠
  • Excellent for covens 🤝
  • 9 inches 📏
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  • Get rid of negative energy ✨
  • Everything you need ⚡
  • Sage, feather, shell, and stand included ⭐
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  • Great for creating sacred space 🧘🏽‍♂️
  • Light and let the smoke cleanse 🔥
  • 5" in length, approximately 📏
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