Cinnamon sticks casting a spell with their aromatic dust in a mystic, occult kitchen atmosphere.

Magical Properties of Cinnamon | Materia Magicka

The cinnamon added to sweet apple pie, warm pumpkin spice, and spicy red candles invokes incredible feelings.

These delicious items make us feel cozy, strong, empowered, full of vitality, and safe at home.

It’s no coincidence that the magickal properties of this brownish-red, curled tree bark align to those vibrations!

The best part is that you probably already have this spice in your magical kitchen pantry!

It provides a powerful spiritual boost to spells and speeds up results!

You’ve heard of our Famous Cinnamon Money Spell, right? Point made!

This warm spice we have in our pantries typically comes from the curled bark of the cinnamon tree.

Furthermore, the leaves of the tree can also be used in mojo bags and spells!

Here’s our list of the magickal correspondences of Cinnamon!

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Magickal Properties of Cinnamon | Materia Magicka

Latin Name

  • Cinnamomum verum


  • Masculine


  • Fire


  • Sun
  • Mars


  • Aries


  • Aphrodite
  • Dionysus
  • Mercury
  • Venus


  • Root chakra
  • Sacral chakra

Magical Properties Of Cinnamon

  • Consecrate: Burn to bless your sacred space or anoint magickal tools with diluted oil
  • Healing: Burn the herb/incense or drink a cup of cinnamon tea to aid in healing
  • Home Protection: Placing a cinnamon broom above your front door protects your home
  • Love Spells: Add the oil or herb to spells or sachets to quickly bring love into your life
  • Lust Spells: Create a perfume out of diluted this oil to inspire lust
  • Money Drawing Spells: Attract prosperity by wiping 5 lines of cinnamon on a dollar bill to create a quick money charm. (more here)
  • Protection: Anoint yourself with diluted oil to bring protection from negative energy
  • Sex Magick: Burn the herb or incense to increase male libido or empower sex magick
  • Speeds up Spells: Add cinnamon to your spells to help them manifest faster
  • Spirituality: Burn the herb or incense to help inspire your spiritual side
  • Success: Utilize this spice in your spells to gain victory or success
  • Victory: Rub the powdered bark on your hand on a Sunday to ensure victory

What are some of your favorite ways to use this spice in your magickal working?

Let us know in the comments below!

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