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How to Cleanse Your Aura

Every day, we come in contact with thousands of people, places, and things as we travel through our routines. Each time we come in contact with another entity, we unconsciously connect to the energy fields of these entities. These open channels and exchanged energy allow us to pick up on emotions, impressions, and other psychic phenomena. Hello, first-layer psychic impressions!

After this energy exchange, our auras go to work. Your egg-shaped energy field starts filtering out all harmful vibes before this energetic life force enters your body. As you can imagine, just like with a water filter, your aura can become full and clogged.

When this happens, you may start to notice increased anxiety, exhaustion, frustration, distraction, and illness. This is because the life force, which helps fuel your body, is tainted or too low to sustain your amazing health! Much like with a refrigerator fountain, we need to change that filter to ensure that the elixir of life is pure!

It’s time to cleanse your aura. By working to keep your vibes pure, you’ll maintain a strong connection to your energy body; this will encourage your Self to be more happy, healthy, beautiful, and young!

Today, we’ll teach you the basics on how to keep your aura healthy! These aura cleansing techniques can be used individually or as part of a routine or ritual.

5 ways to cleanse your aura

Smudge Stick Aura Cleansing

Low-level energy tends to be more dense and harmful; smudging helps to raise it!

To easily remove or raise negative energy from your aura, you can burn a smudge stick or blessing herb bundle. Simply hold the dried bundle of herbs in one hand, light, and let the smoke touch every part of your body. Know that the smoke is raising the vibration of all energy to its most pure form.

Best herbs and woods for smudging

Aura Cleansing Bath

If you’re sensitive to smoke from burning herbs, but still need a physical cleansing, a bath filled with cleansing herbs will work wonders!

Simply fill a tub with warm water, 1.5 cups of Himalayan salts, sea salts, or Epsom salts, 1/2 cup of baking soda, and a tea made from your favorite cleansing herbs. Soak in this salt bath for at least 30 minutes.

You can also add herbs, flowers, teas, and diluted essential oils to your bath! Check out our recipes:

Cord Cutting Aura Cleansing

When we meet people, we form an energetic connection. When we encounter hardships, balls of energy can stick to our aura. When we become frustrated, cracks can appear in our protective shell. By cutting these cords and doing some metaphysical maintenance, you can restore your vibes to normal!

Aura Cleansing Chakra Meditation

Close your eyes. Visualize yourself lying on a rainbow. Feel the warmth and coolness of each color. Slide down the rainbow and lie down at the base. Align your head with the purple of the rainbow, and your hips at the red. Roll around and allow yourself to be wrapped up by the rainbow; you’re a rainbow burrito! Now, absorb the rainbow into your body. See the rainbow as part of your aura; see the rainbow become your aura colors. Finally, visualize the rainbow transforming into white light.

Outdoor Grounding Aura Cleansing

The easiest way to cleanse yourself is to simply go outside! Walk barefoot, sit at the base of a tree, and allow your physical body to relax in the warm or cool air. You are exactly where you need to be. For a strong, quick grounding, stand barefoot on concrete!

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