Finding serenity: a moment of meditative practice for spiritual emotional release and aura purification.

Aura Cleansing, Cord-Cutting Meditation

Feel sluggish? Exhausted? Empathic and full of other people’s energies?

Maybe you’ve tried cleansing your aura, but it hasn’t quite felt squeaky clean.

If so, you may need to cut the cords, repair the tears, and recharge your aura.

Long story short: Sometimes, our auras look like this:

Cord cutting ritual spell aura cleanse
Copyright Christopher Penczak

We want them to look like this:

clean aura after cord cutting spell
Cord cutting ritual spell aura cleanse

I’m empathic, and I’m overwhelmed.

What you need is an aura cleaning, cord cutting meditation! Every time we come in contact with a person, place, or thing, we make a psychic, energetic connection — it’s natural, but sometimes we pick up energies that we didn’t mean to, the energy becomes overwhelming to our natural energy, or people who have low energy may continue to zap you, long after you’ve met with them!When we have chaotic energy like that, we sometimes become a target for bad vibes and harmful energies, so you’ll be doing a nice little end-of-summer cleaning!

Aura Cleansing, Cord-Cutting Meditation

Adapted from Christopher Penczak (W4 Graduates, represent!)

  1. Close your eyes and relax your body.
  2. Countdown from 12 to 1, visualizing the number each time.
  3. Know that you are in a light meditative state. Anything you do here is for your highest good.
  4. Countdown from 12 to 1 again, but don’t worry about visualizing anything this time. Just continue to let yourself fall into a deep relaxation.
  5. Know that you are in a deep meditative state. Your guardian angels, spirit guides, and spiritual mentors are surrounding you with love and guidance.
  6. Visualize a door in front of you. Open it, and see your favorite, comfy place in the whole world. This could be a true, physical place, or your meditative sacred space.
  7. Walk through the door, and know that you are now safe.
  8. Take a moment to become aware of your aura. Look around yourself and see what you see. Feel free to explore the space of you; don’t be alarmed if you begin viewing yourself from outside of your body. Focus on your aura.
    1. What color is your aura? Is it clear? Is it hazy?
    2. Do you see any patches of black or grey lumps, bubbles, or smears?
      1. If so, gently scoop them out and remove them from your aura. Visualize these being filled with white light and exploding into white sparkles of beneficial energy.
    3. Do you see any holes, rips, or tears in your aura?
      1. If so patch these up as you would patch up a hole in a wall. Visualize that white light is the drywall, spackle, and paint of your newly repaired aura.
    4. Do you see any cords or tubes coming out of your aura?
      1. If so, pull them out, like plugs from a wall socket.
      2. Let go of the cord and watch it recoil far, far away from you, like a vacuum cleaner cord.
      3. Patch up the holes left behind by visualizing white light filling the hole and smoothing it out, just like repairing the wall of a house.
  9. Once you feel that all of the muck, holes, and are gone, strengthen your aura by visualizing it being made of brilliant, white, healthy light that is 7 inches thick.
  10. Once you’re done, count up from 12 to 1. Wiggle your fingers and toes.
  11. Finally, count up from 12 to 1 again, and slowly open your eyes.

Don’t be alarmed if there is A LOT going on; there always is! So, repeat this once a week (or as often as you like) until your aura has less than 5 bits of clutter or cords, then, repeat this anytime you feel sluggish, heavy, or exhausted. Love this meditation? Learn this and more directly from Christopher Penczak, himself! Check out his Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School!

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