A mystical ambiance with a tale to tell: "confessions of a new witch - part 1" exudes a witchy spiritual essence.

Confessions of a New Witch, Part 1

I keep trying to write about how it started, but the truth is that I don’t really remember how it started. People always say that it’s best to begin at the beginning, but I think we’ll be fine simply starting from where we are. So here is where I am – My name is Graeme Seabrook and I’m a baby witch. Or something. I’m just beginning to figure it all out.

If you’re at the beginning or your journey, or you’d like to look back on your beginnings, I invite you to come along with me. Maybe we can figure some things out together. Last week I sort of ‘came out’ to my coaching group about all of this. I run a coaching community for moms and every week I create a prompt for them – something that we’ll be focusing on for the week.

Originally I had monthly themes and each of the weekly prompts was related to the theme. But that got overly complicated and it just wasn’t engaging the entire group.

How I Use Many Moons In My Work

Three months ago I decided to shake things up. I started using the Many Moons Workbook to find inspiration for each week. I would read about the coming moon cycle, what it could mean, and how we could work with that energy in our lives. And I would let it guide me in my prompts. I never said the moon is waning and so we’re going to focus on what we too can shed from our lives.

Instead, I would suggest that each mom come up with one piece of negative self-talk that she could commit to letting go of in the next week. Something magical happened – engagement with the prompts skyrocketed! Over and over again I got comments like: This was exactly what I needed to hear right now – how did you know? Or they would say – this is perfect timing because I’m dealing with this exact problem right now!

Some of them jokingly accused me of being a mind reader. I wanted to tell them. I wanted to share the wisdom that I was receiving, but I was scared. What if it turned them off? What if they thought I was simply lifting prompts from the books? What if they thought I was too far out there and they left? What if they no longer trusted me? What if, what if, what if???

Every day I coach moms on looking at the whole picture and not just the negatives. Every day I coach them on embracing their humanity and all of the parts of themselves. And what was I doing? I was getting stuck in fear and I was denying a growing part of myself. It was not a good look, y’all.

Truth Is The Greatest Magic

The more I learn – through studying the moon, astrology, and Tarot – the more I know one thing.

Truth is the greatest magic. So it was time for me to tell the truth. Because what if it brought us all closer? What if it gave them permission to share something that they had been keeping from the group? What if they embraced this way of finding inspiration? How could I ask them to be brave and honest unless I was, too?

Once a month we have a community call where all the members are invited to a video chat. I decided that I was going to tell them live, on the call. My back was sweaty and my palms itched, but I took a deep breath and I told them. I told them that the newer prompts that they loved so much had been inspired by this book and that I was basically syncing the group work up with the moon phases. I waited for their reaction with a knot in my stomach. Look, I said we should cultivate courage.

I never said it was EASY. And then they surprised the crap out of me. Two of my group members already had the book and loved it! Two more wanted the link. Others shrugged and just wanted to know what next week’s prompt was going to be. They made me promise to share the link on our group website and that was that. All that fear. All that hiding. For nothing. That was the moment that I decided I would start chronicling my journey in writing because maybe one of you reading this is hiding too.

Cultivate courage, loves. And remember that the truth is magic.

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