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Witchcraft How-To: Hot Foot Powder Recipe

This hot foot powder recipe is your answer for those times when you need someone to GTFO of your life. Maybe you want to pack a crazy good punch when it comes to the protection of your home or business?

Maybe you’ve done every mundane thing you can do to remove someone from your life, and this is the bow that seals the package.

This easy, DIY witch recipe contains all of the vibes to protect from and banish all harmful people, energies, and influences!

How do I use Hot Foot Powder?

Sprinkle hot foot powder across thresholds, around your property, into footprints, around your desk, or mix it with the dirt of someone’s footprint to keep specific people, energies, and entities away from you. Learn how to make it below!

What kind of spell can I do to get someone to leave me alone or move out of my house?

Drop a just pinch of hot foot powder into the shoes of the person you want to get rid of. Can’t get into their shoes? That’s okay! You can easily sprinkle a bit into their footprints as they walk away. PS: This question is where the name of this powder comes from! Learn how to make it below!

How can I protect my home from thieves, solicitors, and people I don’t want to see?

Sprinkle hot foot powder across the thresholds or entrances of your house for protection against thieves and unwanted people. Learn how to make it below!

How do I keep harmful entities, spirits, and entities out of my house?

  • Sprinkle this spell mix around the property line of your home. This creates a protective barrier that banishes any harmful intent. Learn how to make it below!
  • What can I do if a banishing spell doesn’t keep someone away?

    Sometimes, if a person’s intentions are stronger than the banishing spell you cast, your spell may not appear to be successful. It’s time to match their intentions with more energy and intent. We have the perfect spell for that.

    This time, gather some dirt from the unwanted peoples’ footprints. Mix this dirt with your hot foot powder. Dress and light a black candle to remove those unwanted people from your life. We like to follow this with “An’ it harm none, so mote it be” to make sure that the person leaves peacefully. Learn how to make it below!

    How can I keep work drama away from me?

    You can magically keep workplace drama away from you by sprinkling hot foot powder around your desk or cubicle at work. Learn how to make it below!

    Does Hot Foot Powder actually cause people to catch on fire?

    While the ingredients are spicy, they will not make someone go up in flames.

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    What’s your favorite way to use this powder?

    Leave a comment below!

    Note: Using this or other spellwork is not a substitute or answer for getting away from dangerous people or scenarios. Always call 911 or use a hotline if you are in danger or are being harassed or assaulted.

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