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Magical Properties of Figs in Spells

Figs are one of the many magical ingredients that tell us exactly what it’s good for, just from a quick glance!

As Witches, we can easily see how to use it in witchcraft’s spells and healing magic.

How do we Discover the Magical Properties of Figs?

We can glean some of its natural energies by spending time with this fruit. Meditate on and examine the physical qualities of the plant.

The exterior fruit of this has a beautiful, feminine shape that is ripe with fertility, while the inside of this fruit is filled with seeds, the source of knowledge and creation. Additionally, the cross-section of the fruit reminds us of the beauty of the reproductive system and its power to create!

This gives us the idea that this fruit is all about going back to the source and its ability to birth knowledge and creation.

Finally, metaphysical history and ancient lore back up these inspiring visual cues. In ancient Greece, it was said that Demeter gifted Dionysus a fig tree. Then, he passed the tree down to the mortals, as his belief was that people should be able to enjoy the finer things in life.

What spells are Figs good for?

Figs are great in love spells, fertility spells, and protection spells. The knowledge that this plant is said to bring also makes it very good for divination spells.

How do I use Figs in magic spells?

To use in spells, you can eat the fruit, make charms out of the leaves, bark, or dried figs, take care of a full plant, or use the leaves in divination.

What Are The Magical Properties Of Figs?

The entire fig plant, from the tree down to the roots, and out through the fruits, all vibrate with the energies of knowledge, love, protection, and fertility.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Figs?

Figs have been used to help remove warts, relieve eczema in kids, and regulate bowel movements.

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Complete List Of Magickal Properties Of Figs

Our complete Materia Magicka contains everything you need to know to work with Figs in spells, rituals, and healings.

Latin Name

  • Ficus

Folk Names

  • Common fig


  • Balanced

Elemental Correspondences

  • Fire

Planetary Correspondences

  • Jupiter
  • Venus

Signs that Rule Figs

  • Sagittarius

Deities that Rule Figs

  • Demeter
  • Dionysus

Chakras that work with Figs

  • Crown
  • Sacral
  • Root

Figs’ Magickal Properties

  • Divination
    • Eat the fruit of this tree to make it easier to connect to divine knowledge and your Higher Self.
  • Fertility
    • As it bears a resemblance to two parts of the reproductive system, enchanting and eating the fresh fruit can help increase fertility!
    • If you don’t care for the taste or texture of the fruit, invite the balance of creation to your fertility quest by drawing or carving a phallic symbol into the wood of the tree. Next, visualize your goals as you do this; then, carry the charm with you. 
  • Good Luck
    • Place a branch by the door before going out, especially if you’re going out gambling, to increase your chances of coming back happy, wealthy, and safe.
  • Knowledge
    • Clairvoyants will know exactly what we’re talking about here. The energy of this plant and fruit help connect you to the source of all knowledge, making it easier to download information that you may otherwise not know or be aware of.
  • Love
    • Cast a love spell by serving a tart to your partner to increase the love or eat a tart to create an aura of true love around yourself. While you eat, have a pink candle burning! This easy ritual is great for marriage spells! 
  • Protection
    • Grow the tree on your property to keep you and your family safe from the evil eye.
    • In Italian Witch culture, using the hand sign of the fig provides you instant protection from the evil eye. Position your thumb between your index and middle fingers, then make a fist. As you hold this hand sign, visualize yourself as being protected. Aurora uses this anytime she feels bad vibes or if a situation has the potential to be difficult. 
  • Sleep
    • Place a growing plant in your bedroom to help call in restful sleep.
    • Put 3 leaves under your pillow before bed to gain deep, informative dreams.

What are some of your favorite ways to use Figs in your magickal working? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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