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The Easiest Way to Open Your Third Eye

We’re always on the hunt for more information, especially when we’re spiritually guided. After a while, we begin to feel that we’ve learned everything there is to learn on the physical realm. Enter the knowledge of the unknown. This reminds me of myself. In fact, I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t looking for more knowledge on a Spiritual aspect. It seems as the years go by, there are more and more people searching for that same thing. Mainstream media has now caught onto this need for knowledge beyond the visible. We continue to get more shows such as “Paranormal State” and “Ghost Adventurers.” What if I told you that there is one tool that perhaps unlocks that knowledge and helps further our psyches? What if you could access other aspects of your life? Guess what. You may have heard of this amazing tool that will help you learn more than you ever believed you could.
This tool is the 3rd Eye.

What is the Third Eye?

What do you think of when you hear this term? You may think that the third eye is a literal eye in the middle of your forehead; as we can see with our normal two eyes, it is not quite that literal. There is a deeper meaning to the 3rd eye. The 3rd eye is, in fact, a doorway into unlocking unknown knowledge, special gifts, and knowledge about spirits. When you open that door it will lead to a whole new level of possibilities. If you tend to feel what will happen before it happens or if you’re sensitive to spirits then the next step for you is opening your third eye.

Effects of Opening the Third Eye

Once you will open your third eye, you’ll open an avenue of new information. You’ll start to:
  • Truly know things before they happen
  • Sense peoples’ feelings
  • Experience more interactions with Spirits
  • See spirits them more clearly
  • Get a clearer way to communicate with energies, spirits, and deities
  • Understand a higher consciousness
  • Increased psychic abilities

How to Open Your Third Eye

This two-step meditation practice is the easiest way to open your third eye.

Third Eye Meditation Phase 1

Tools needed: None. Time required: Enough time to meditate.
  1. Enter your meditative state.
  2. Visualize yourself opening and closing an eye on your forehead.
  3. Repeat weekly or until you start to feel new sensations.
  4. Once you start to feel new sensations, move to phase 2.

Third Eye Meditation Phase 2

Tools needed: None. Time required: Enough time to meditate.
  1. Enter your meditative state.
  2. Visualize your third eye opening.
  3. Once your third eye is open, visualize a doorway.
  4. Visualize yourself opening this doorway to the inner depths of your mind. Once you open this door, you’re opening a new world with tons of hidden doors. The best part? Every door holds unlocked knowledge.
  5. Open one door a day and see what you discover.
Everyone has a different skill level. One person might be able to unlock their 3rd eye very quickly. Where, another person might take weeks, or even months to unlock it. Just remember there is no time limit for completing any skill or spell. Everyone is different. The important thing is that you take your time and complete one skill at a time.

What to Expect After Opening your Third Eye

Once you start to practice opening your third eye, you’ll immediately begin to notice a shift in the way you perceive the physical world. Not only will you be picking up normal sensations, but you’ll also begin to pick up psychic information. Don’t worry this isn’t very painful, Just overwhelming. You may experience flashes of pictures, sensations, feelings of Spirits. This is normal and it will pass. I think it would be best to have a loved one around after you do the exercises a few times. Welcome to your true life. Copyright 2018 Wicca BluMoon + Plentiful Earth / All Rights Reserved
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