A wooden scoop with white powder sprinkled on a natural wooden surface, with the words "occult sage smudge carpet sprinkle" floating above, suggesting a natural deodorizing or cleansing product for carpets

Sage Smokeless Smudge Powder Recipe

Everyone can benefit from smudging a space with a smoking bundle of sage; however, not everyone can benefit from the strong smoke from a sage smudge bundle! A common question among people, Witches, Pagans, Wiccans, New Agers, and Spiritualists alike who suffer or know someone who suffers from smoke-induced headaches, smoke allergies, and reactions to strongly scented herbs is, “How can I cleanse and clear my space without burning sage?”

Whether you live in a smoke-free situation, don’t like the scent of burning sage, or just want to add a new regimen or level of depth to your space-cleaning ritual, this recipe is perfect for you! Use with caution, however, as some powders can cause damage to certain types of floors, and some herbs can stain carpets!

Use this smudge powder the same way you would use a smudge stick. There are two versions, a baking soda version for cleansing the home of negative energy as a carpet sprinkle and a cornstarch version for everything else! Simply sprinkle around your home, yourself, your sacred space, and more to remove harmful energies from yourself and your space!

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