How to Calculate Planetary Hours

Each hour of the day and night is governed by a specific celestial body, granting us a brief window of powerful energies, in addition to the energy of the day! This gives us the ability to cast any prayer or spell at any time with some sort of boost.

These governed hours are known as Planetary Hours, and they can play a very important role in spellcraft and prayer sending! Performing a spell or prayer during the corresponding hour gives the spell/prayer much more power and depth!

As you may already know, each day is ultimately ruled by a celestial being, Sunday is ruled by the Sun, Monday is ruled by the moon, Tuesday is ruled by Mars, Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, Friday is ruled by Venus, and Saturday is ruled by Saturn. On each day, the first hour of sunlight is ruled by the day’s ruling sign, thus the pattern of ruling planets is different each day; this is why we must calculate the planetary hours each day.

In terms of planetary hours, the word “hours” does not mean the traditional 60 minutes of a normal hour in planetary hours. Instead, the total time of sunlight, from sunrise to sunset, is totaled and divided by 12, to account for the twelve houses. This means that an hour can range anywhere from only 45 minutes to 75 minutes per ‘hour,’ due to the differences in daylight from summer to winter.

Finally, the night may be longer or shorter than the day, so we must also calculate separate times for night hours as well.

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How to Calculate Planetary Hours

See example below!

  1. Find out the sunrise and sunset times for your area. ( is a great website for this!)
  2. Figure out the hour and minute difference between the two times, and convert that to minutes.
  3. Convert the hours of sunlight into minutes, by multiplying the hours by 60 and adding the remaining minutes, then divide by 12. Round accordingly.
  4. The sunrise time is the start of the first hour.
  5. To find the second hour, and each hour after that, add the planetary hour length to the previous hour time. Repeat this process until you reach sunset.
  6. Repeat this process to find the night hours, consulting the night portion of the charts below, and calculating from sunset of the current day to sunrise of the next day.
  7. Use the charts below to find out the planetary rulings for each day!

Planetary Hour Charts

Example of how to calculate Planetary Hours

  1. The sunrise time is 5:50 am, and the sunset time is 6:30 pm.
  2. There are 12 hours and 40 minutes of daylight for Sunday.
  3. 12 hours and 40 minutes is a total of 760 minutes of daylight for Sunday. When I divide that by 12, I find that there are 63 minutes for each individual planetary hour.
  4. Since it’s Sunday, 5:50 am starts hour one, and that is ruled by the Sun.
  5. 5:50 am plus 63 minutes is 6:53 am; this is the start of hour two. 7:56 am is the start of hour three, 8:59 is the start of hour four, and so on. When we reach sunset, we calculate again for night hours.
  6. The sun sets at 6:30 pm, and the sunrise of the following day is 5:40 am.
  7. There are 11 hours and 10 minutes of night time for Sunday.
  8. 11 hours and 10 minutes is a total of 670 minutes of night time for Sunday. When I divide that by 12, I find that there are 56 minutes for each planetary hour.
  9. Since it’s Sunday, 6:30 pm starts hour one of the night, and that is ruled by Jupiter.
  10. I then repeat the process of adding 56 minutes to each hour to find the hour starting times until sunset.

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