Contemplating the metaphysical essence of change: are we removing or transforming energy?

Energy: Are We Removing or Transforming it?

Before we get into the topic of energy work, take a moment to think, “Why did I begin my path?”

  • Did you crave more money?
  • Did you seek spiritual enlightenment?
  • Did you want to pave the path for your future and open up more opportunities?
  • Did you want to help heal the past?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, chances are you’ve had to clear some energetic bumps in order to achieve your ultimate goal. Now, are you removing or transforming those energy blockages? This about this for a moment. When we work magick, set intentions, or extend prayers towards a situation, we are working with and manipulating the flow of energy; we are not removing energy. Instead, we are transforming and re-programing pre-existing energy with a new task, or color.

Notice that I said that we are “re-programming” energy. As we know from science and metaphysical studies, energy is eternal and cannot be destroyed. Energy cannot truly be removed from a person, place, or thing; it is always a constant in the life cycle. Therefore, when we work towards “removing” harmful or “negative” energies, we are not removing the energy at all. Instead, we are actually re-programming the energy. In the words of Michael Furie, we are re-coloring it. We are stripping it of its previous programming and giving it a new task.

What does it mean to re-program or transform energy?

When you approach your craft in need of more money, you take the negative, harmful, or “black” energy and transform it into positive, beneficial “green” energy. When that happens, you are raising its vibration to a higher, more beneficial level. You are not destroying the harmful energy because energy cannot be destroyed. Instead, you are re-programming, or re-coloring the energy to work for your purpose. When you begin to open the way for more opportunity in your life, you approach that looming, “black”, harmful energy, and you transform it into white energy, full of potential.

When we approach energy work from this mentality, we can really begin to understand the flow of energy and how to live and work within that natural flow. We become more attuned and more aware of the way that energy moves around us. Take a moment to feel the new awareness of the living energy in your life!

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