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How to Become a Psychic

Is becoming a psychic really as easy as buying a crystal ball, pulling on multi-colored shawls, and lighting dozens of candles? In our opinion, yes! It is easy to become a psychic! It’s easy because we’re all already psychic! The key is accepting the “oddness” of it and congratulating yourself on psychic activity that you already possess! This congratulatory approach tells your brain and body that psychic = good! Over time, you’ll start being psychic automatically!

Everyone is naturally psychic. Psychic gifts are a natural human trait. If you’ve ever known what song is about to play next on the radio or felt when someone is about to call or text you, you’re tapping into your own special gifts! All you have to do is give yourself a little bit of positive feedback!

That’s right; our bodies are trained to automatically do good stuff that has been rewarded; likewise, it’s naturally inclined to not do things that have negative connotations. So, let’s start by recognizing small things that qualify as a psychic activity! So, let’s get ready to learn how to develop psychic abilities!

How do I know if I’m psychic?

If anything has ever happened to you that seemed weird and that you were unable to explain immediately by science, you’re psychic. We know this is a vague way to judge such an awesome ability, so we’ve put together a list.

Pay special attention here. This ESP ability list will act as your foundation for increasing your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairgustance!

List: You know you are psychic if:

(If any of these psychic phenomena has happened to you, you’re psychic! Pay attention and start physically congratulating yourself when they happen! The positive reinforcement will create new psychic habits in your body!)

  1. You thought about someone seconds before the called or texted.
  2. You knew exactly what song would come on shuffle next (even if you didn’t say it out loud).
  3. You knew some knowledge that you had no way of knowing! You know you’ve never looked that up on Wikipedia before.
  4. You’re a good judge of character.
  5. Houses creep you out sometimes.
  6. Family members have visited you in dreams.
  7. Pets are naturally friendly to you.
  8. You grew up with imaginary friends.
  9. Someone crosses your mind who you haven’t thought about in years.
  10. You feel sad or depressed without warning or reason.

Positive Reinforcement

If you’ve ever been told that a gut feeling was silly, you’ve been negatively conditioned to stop being psychic. The result: your body will stop responding to subtle energies that trigger our psychic senses.

We need to turn these senses and psychic powers back on. We need to tell your body that it’s good to react to subtle vibes in your environment. Through positive reinforcement, you can send signals to your brain that tell it that your body is allowed to be psychic. This is the key to psychic development.

So, when you find yourself having a psychic moment:

  1. Drop everything
  2. Physically pat yourself on the back
  3. Tell yourself “Good job” out loud.

Your body will remember the good, rewarding feeling. Over time, your body will start to crave this feeling, and it will begin to show psychic activity in order to get that feel-good pat on the back!

Trust us! Self-care has its highlights!

5 Steps to Becoming a Psychic

Now that we know how to keep your medium abilities going, and we know what ESP activity to look for, it’s time to start training your third eye, aura, and mind to be open to psychic energies. It’s time to start developing your gifts.

Step 1: Regularly Cleanse your Aura

Much like with the 25 browser tabs you may have open right now, too much stray energy will split your energetic focus. Every time we come in contact with a person, place, or thing, we make an energetic connection. This connection allows us to pick up psychic energy.

If we are connected to too many things, we can find ourselves receiving hundreds of messages at once. You can’t hear the message of one person if you’re in a room of 50 people shouting at once!

So, cleansing your aura helps you filter out excess energies so you can clearly pick up on what’s headed your way.

Here’s our favorite cord cutting aura cleanse ritual.

Step 2: Regularly Meditate or Practice Mindfulness

Meditation does not mean clearing your mind or sitting still for a full hour. Who has time for that? For this step, we mean setting at least 1 minute aside to focus on a single point in time.

  • In the shower, you could focus on how warm the water feels the instant that it hits your skin.
  • At work, you could close your eyes and visualize the details of what’s in your lunchbox.
  • Before bed, you could focus specifically on counting down from 60 and seeing the numbers in your mind’s eye.

Meditation can be as short or as long as you’d like. If the idea of meditation freaks you out, check out Mindfulness!

Step 3: Start with Small Psychic Feats

We would all love to pull a Pheobe (from Charmed), touch an object, and be instantly transported to an event in the past or future! However, small psychic events are just as exciting as the big ones!

Check out that list above and start looking for those happenings in your everyday life! Over time, and after you give yourself positive reinforcement, your body will aim for bigger, better experiences like remote viewing.

Step 4: Congratulate Yourself — Positive Reinforcement

This is the most important step. Just like we crave hugs and kisses as a sign of good standing in a relationship, our bodies crave positive signs that psychic happenings are a good thing!

So, pick a physical reward for yourself and treat yourself immediately after something psychic happens — no matter how small! It’s important that you be consistent, quick, and physical with this reward.

Examples of good positive reinforcement to influence psychic activity:

  1. Pat yourself on the back
  2. Give yourself some chocolate
  3. Tell yourself “Good job!”
  4. Give yourself a high-five
  5. Shout “Yes!” like your favorite team just scored a goal

Anything that you would look forward to will work here.

Step 5: Practice

Pick a psychic ability and practice it! It’s okay if it doesn’t work immediately; chances are, it won’t! The key is knowing that these psychic skills are possible! Trust me, all of the psychic abilities are possible! I’ve done them all! Set aside some time to try willing a page to turn or touching random objects at a flea market!

If the most minute thing happens, don’t write it off as wind. Congratulate yourself! YOU did that!

You are psychic.

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