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Wiccan necklaces make amazing charms, talismans, and spells. Browse our wide selection of sterling silver, quartz, pewter, and crystal necklaces. Buy and enchant your next piece of Witch jewelry to keep you grounded and filled with magic.

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How can Pagan jewelry help you?

Part of the beauty of magickal, Wiccan jewelry is its ability to keep you protected without having to constantly cast spells. Buy a necklace that has one of these 6 protection symbols, empower it with its job to protect you, and wear it daily!

What’s the best first necklace for a Wiccan?

Pentacle necklaces are always a great choice for a new, baby Witch! The pentacle symbolizes all of the elements of creation - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Having these five elements on you at all times helps you stay grounded and in the moment. You’ll also be able to manifest small wins throughout the day!

I'm a new Witch. Should I get a sterling silver, pewter, or crystal necklace?

Each material gives the necklace a different power. Sterling silver necklaces are great for increasing psychic awareness, feminine energies, and protection. Pewter necklaces are amazing for keeping your energies grounded and your aura clean. Crystal necklaces vary in their powers, depending on what crystal you buy!