An enchanting moment between two, as they edge closer to a kiss, under the allure of witchy romance.

Spell to Attract Love

Everyone is looking for the perfect love spell. Whether your order is “tall, dark, and handsome” or “jolly, kind, and jovial”, this free love spell will send the perfect person with your ideal traits to you! Here at PlentifulEarth, we don’t believe in bending the will of others, so we’ll show you how to craft a great love spell that brings guilt-free love!

Already have someone in mind? We highly recommend writing out a list of their traits that make you drool, rather than capturing their will. That way, you can call the perfect person to you without forcing a specific person to be yours. Trust me, it’ll be better this way!

As with all spells, visualization and feeling are more important than the spell itself. The more emotion tied to a spell, the better the outcome!

A Spell to Attract Love

Perfect Spell Timing:

  • New Moon
  • Friday
  • Hour of Venus


  • 2 Candles, one that represents you + one that represents the traits of your future lover [Buy candles here!] Witch Tip: Use a wide candle with lots of carving space.
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Red Ribbon
  • A pin for carving into your candles OR pen and paper
  • A list of traits you want in a lover

Spell Instructions:

  1. Before starting, perform your favorite sacred space creation ritual! Ours is spiritual cleansing via sage and palo santo followed by casting a protective circle!
  2. Into the candle whose color represents you, carve your full name and birthday. You can also write your name and birthday on a piece of paper and place that under the candle. This candle symbolizes you. Consecrate that candle as being you. Say: 
    “This candle represents me, [your name].”
  3. Place your candle on the right side of your altar. If you used paper, place it under the candle.
  4. Light your candle, imagining yourself opening up to love.
  5. Into the candle whose color represents the type of person you want in your life, carve the traits of that person. As you carve each trait, say:
    “I call into my life a lover who is [trait].”
  6. When you are done, consecrate that candle as being your lover. Say:
    “This candle represents the person that I call into my life to be my lover. I call into my life a lover who is [read each trait].”
  7. Place your future lover’s candle on the left side of your altar, 22 cm away from your candle.
  8. Light your lover’s candle, imagining them awakening to your call.
  9. Let the candles burn for 22 minutes. Thank and extinguish the candles, knowing that that person is on their way to you.
  10. Every day, light the candles and move them closer to each other, knowing that you and that person are now moving closer together.
  11. Keep doing this until they touch. If you’ve met this person, tie the candles together with pink or red string.
  12. If you haven’t met this person and the candles have touched; continue lighting them and visualize that you’ve met them. Feel how happy it feels to have that type of person in your life.
  13. If, by the time the candles have finished, you haven’t me them, don’t lose faith! That person may actually be having move closer to your location!
  14. Repeat the spell during the next full moon cycle.

Copyright 2016 Jennifer “Aurora Moone” McDonald / All Rights Reserved.

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