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Jupiter Aura Expansion Spell for Protection, Courage, and Success

You’ve heard of expanding your aura to fill a room and contracting your aura to appear less visible to those around you. I want to teach you how to expand and attune your aura with the energies of Jupiter.

Our auras are our first line of defense against the chaotic array of wild energies that exist in our environments. Created from the natural life energies that exist within our bodies, our aura is our very own electromagnetic field. As with any energy, it can be willed with the power of thought!

Jupiter is the planet that rules protection, courage, strength, success, fatherly traits, authority, influence, and the power of expansion. Being the largest planet in our solar system gives this planet a very strong and very large physical aspect; being a planet in our solar system that has its own solar system gives this planet the aspects of strength, authority, and influence.

If you want to give yourself protection, courage, and success, this is the planet to visualize as you expand your aura! For this spell, you only need yourself and the power of visualization. I’ve added some optional items that naturally have the energy of Jupiter. Using these items will help to strengthen and align your energy with Jupiter’s energy.

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Jupiter Aura Expansion Spell for Protection, Courage, and Success

Spell Ingredients:

Spell Directions

  1. Sit or stand and close your eyes. Breathe. Feel how the movement of breath expands your chest. How does your skin feel when your chest expands? How does your stomach feel? How do your shoulders feel?
  2. Notice and become aware of your full body. Feel every part of your body. Be totally in your body.
  3. Visualize the Jupiter symbol and what it means to you.
  4. Visualize the Jupiter symbol fitting snugly inside of your chest.
  5. On your next inhale, imagine the Jupiter symbol growing brightly.
  6. Exhale and imagine the light of Jupiter expanding and filling your body.
  7. Inhale. Imagine the symbol growing bright again.
  8. Exhale and imagine that light expanding outside of your body in a sphere shape.
  9. Inhale. Imagine the symbol growing bright again.
  10. Exhale. Imagine the sphere growing larger and larger.
  11. Repeat until you’re visualizing your Jupiter-infused aura to be the size the room you’re in.
  12. Say, “I am strong like Jupiter. I am influential like Jupiter. I am successful like Jupiter. So Mote it Be/Amen.”
  • Optional: Create your sacred space, cast a circle, or prepare your area using any Jupiter associated items and rituals.
  • Optional: For the best outcome perform this on Thursday, during the hour of Jupiter.

In our ideal world of coexistence, spells and prayers are equal. They both work, in accordance with our will, to bring about divine change.

Copyright 2016 Jennifer “Aurora Moone” McDonald / All Rights Reserved.

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