Symbolic algiz runestone representing a home protection spell on a textured background, available at a metaphysical shop.

Algiz Runestone Home Protection Spell

Getting a new home is a big step in life. A home is meant to be a safe haven, a place of protection. In our modern age, it’s easy to buy peace of mind with home security cameras, alarm systems, and doorbells that record every visitor. These modern advances are great at helping catch unwanted visitors in the act, but it doesn’t deter thieves and unwanted entities from entering your property.

In addition to mundane protection, Witches should always have magickal protection. This rune spell comes straight from our free Wiccan spell book. It uses the protective power of the Algiz rune, as well as four earth-based anchors. For this easy to understand spell, you’ll need four stones from your property, the rune of protection, and your intention to keep all kinds of negative energy away from your home.

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Algiz Rune Home Protection Spell


  • 4 Stones from Your Property
  • 1 Black Permanent Marker or Paint
  • Shovel


  1. Cleanse: Cleanse your sacred space and spell items with a sage bundle or palo santo.
  2. Cast: If your spiritual path calls for it, cast a protective circle around your sacred space.
  3. Enchant: Using the black paint or marker, draw the Algiz rune () on each of the 4 stones.
  4. Visualize: See every potential harmful being immediately turn away from your home and walk the other way and know that your home is safe.
  5. Close the Circle: If you cast a circle for step two, take your circle down, now.
  6. Finish the Spell: Go outside and dig four holes, one at each corner of your property. Place the enchanted protection stones in the ground and bury them
  7. Visualize: Once all of the stones are in place, imagine a white, electric fence, and, again, see every harmful entity immediately turn away from your home. Know that if anyone comes to your home with the intent of harm, they will immediately forget why they came and turn around.

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