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How to Make Word Sigils, The Easiest Sigil

Carry your mantra with you everywhere you go or make your spell easier to cast by turning it into a sigil. A sigil is a magickal symbol that has been created directly from your mantra or need. A completed sigil can be used to make magickal jewelry, inscribe intention candles, as a drawing on your yoga mat, and more. So, next time you think to yourself, “Wow, I really wish I had a better job”, you’ll have a piece of magickal jewelry adding good vibes to the cause.

What is the easiest type of sigil to make?

The easiest type of sigil to make is a word sigil. Word sigils are a type of magickal symbol that is created by taking your wish, writing it down, removing duplicate letters, and rearranging them into a cute symbol. This icon is now tuned into your wish and can be used as a reminder to your magickal self or as a focal point for chanting and meditation!

How do I make a word sigil?

A word sigil can be made in just 4 steps! All you need is your wish, a pen, some paper, and your imagination!

Word Sigil Ingredients:

  • Your wish, need, or mantra
  • A pen
  • Paper
  • Your Imagination

Word Sigil Instructions:

  1. Write: Write out your wish, mantra, or need on a piece of paper.
    Write out: I want a new job
  2. Consolidate: Cross out all letters that appear more than once.
    Remove extra, duplicate letters
  3. Create: Rearrange the leftover letters in a way that looks nice to you!
    Arrange the letters into a symbol
  4. Enchant: Draw your new sigil on anything you want and empower it to kickstart its manifestation!

Sigil spells, also known as Wiccan sigils and Witchcraft sigils, are a popular and simple way to help your goals manifest faster.

Want to learn other, more powerful ways to make sigils? Check out our guide to 8 different types of sigils!

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