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17 Ways to Use Sigils to Manifest Your Goals

Sigils are pictorial representations of your intention that help you focus and manifest your goals. We know the different types of sigils, we know how to make word sigils, but do we know what we can use them for? What can we use sigils on? The short answer is: you can use a sigil on anything.

How do I use a sigil? What can I add a sigil to?

Luckily, the usable locations of sigils are as endless as the creativity that goes into making them! Magickal sigils can be carved into things, drawn on other things, or cooked into things! So, in this article, we’ll cover 17 ways to use sigils for manifesting your goals.

17 Ways to Use Sigils to Manifest Your Goals

  1. Draw sigils onto your intention, petition, or spell papers before burning them.
  2. Carve your new magickal symbol into a candle before lighting it.
  3. Arrange your mala beads into the pattern of your sigil before beginning your meditation.
  4. When cooking, stir or mix your food by tracing the sigil into the bowl or pot with your utensils.
  5. Get a tattoo of your most used magickal symbol.
  6. When adding cream and sugar to coffee or tea, stir it together by tracing your personal magickal symbol with your spoon.
  7. When applying makeup, draw your sigil with your foundation before blending it into your skin.
  8. When applying lotion, moisturizer, or sunblock, draw your sigil with the lotion before rubbing it into your skin.
  9. Create a crystal grid by placing crystals in the layout of your sigil.
  10. Draw your sigil over your third eye before beginning a meditation.
  11. Draw healing sigils on your hands before doing any healing work.
  12. Carve protection sigils into the door and window frames of your home.
  13. Draw protection sigils on four rocks and bury them in the four corners of your yard.
  14. Create magickal jewelry by drawing your sigil onto a blank piece of or carving it into your jewelry.
  15. Eat the power of your sigil by drawing it on your food with condiments.
  16. Tape a drawing of your sigil to the bottom of your water bottle to charge the water you drink.
  17. When baking bread, cut your sigil into the top of the loaf.

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