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How Do You Charge a Sigil?

You’ve created a sigil, and it looks fantastic! However, the next step has you baffled. “Charge your sigil.” What does that even mean? Do you have to charge your new symbol for it to work? Long story short: Charging a sigil is just as important as creating the sigil.

What does charging a sigil mean?

In the magickal world of manifestation, intention drives everything. Your powerful mindset influences the forces around you and pushes the cosmos into action. Anything done in addition to your powerful mindset makes your intention stronger. This is where sigils come in.

Sigils are a great way to supplement your manifestation mindset and amplify your personal power. Not only do you have your visualizations working towards your goal, but you’ll also have a powerful talisman adding more good vibes to your endgame.

The act of charging a sigil is the act of empowering your handcrafted logo with the same vibes as your mindset.

When you charge a sigil, you’re telling any energy that comes in contact with your sigil to be put toward your goal. In some cases, you can think of a sigil as a magickal battery charger that charges more energy towards your goal.

When you charge an item, especially a sigil, you’re confirming what you’ve told it to do.

How do you charge a sigil?

Charging a sigil is actually very easy. For the simplest sigil charge, follow these steps.

  1. Visualize: Close your eyes. Take a moment and see yourself as having obtained what you want to manifest. Feel it with all of your senses and emotions, and know that you’ve received it.
  2. Inscribe: Draw or carve your sigil onto the item you want to place it on.
  3. Visualize: Place your hands over the sigil you’ve just drawn, and repeat step 1.
  4. Recall: Slowly trace your finger over the sigil, and visualize light leaving your finger and filling the lines of the sigil.
  5. Recite: As you trace certain symbols or letters, recite what that part of the sigil is for.
  6. Visualize + Seal: Repeat step 1, and when you feel overwhelmed by the excitement of your goal, open your eyes and say, “So mote it be./Ase./Amen./It is done.”

Now, your sigil is charged! You can wear it, light the candle, or use it in whatever way you wish!

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