8 different types of magickal sigils for spells

8 Different Types of Magickal Sigils

One of the best ways to spark magick in your life is through the power of sigils. Magickal sigils are specifically created symbols that have been constructed to hold a specific type of power. Sigils can be crafted for any reason, such as for money, love, a job, to call on a deity, to evoke an archangel, and more! This quick guide will teach you each of the different ways to create sigils.

What can sigils be created for?

Sigils can be created for:

  • Money sigils
  • Love sigils
  • Job sigils
  • Invocation or Evocation of a Goddess or God
  • Evokation of Archangels
  • Protection sigils
  • Justice sigils
  • Anything you could possibly want or need

What are the different types of magickal sigils?

There are so many great ways to make and use sigils! Some magickal symbols come premade through centuries of tradition, while others can be made by you! We’ll show you the different types of magickal sigils.

These types of sigils are listed from easiest to most difficult:

  1. Word Sigils
    This uses the written phrase of your wish, need, or want. Letters are removed and a sigil design is created by merging the leftover letters. Get the instructions here!
  2. Pictorial Sigils
    This method of creating sigils uses imagery and existing symbolism that relates to your wish, need, or want.
  3. Witches’ Wheel Sigils
    This takes the word sigil a step further. The remaining letters are mapped as points onto a Witches’ wheel, and the points are connected like dots. The remaining drawing is your new sigil.
  4. Runic Sigils
    Similar to traditional sigils, these are crafted using existing runes. The sigil is created by artistically merging the runes that match your need, want, or wish.
  5. Meditation Sigils
    These sigils are created or discovered through trance and meditation.
  6. Magickal Square Sigils
    Match your desire to its corresponding planet and use the word sigil method and numerology to create a very powerful sigil.
  7. Automatic Writing Sigils
    This method requires you to focus on your need, clear your mind, and let your hand wander. The resulting scribble is analyzed, and the pictorial method is utilized to design a final sigil.
  8. Traditional Sigils
    This method requires research and a full understanding of pre-existing sigils.

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