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Learn how to read the mysterious Tarot cards with our collection of tarot books.

Understanding the card meanings of the major and minor tarot has never been easier with guides by Sam Magdaleno and more!

Gain a deeper understanding of this ancient divination tool and become an experienced reader!

Are you a Tarot newbie? Not sure where to start your tarot practice? Pick out your favorite tarot deck that speaks to you, draw one card a day, and learn everything you can about that card.

Your personal journey starts here, psychic!

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Find the perfect book to help you hone your tarot skills and learn to do insightful readings, intuitive readings, relationship readings, and more! Browse our comprehensive guides and begin your tarot journey now!

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  • In-depth tarot card meanings 🎴
  • Learn how to apply tarot meanings to daily events ✨
  • 256 pages 📖

Earn 24 Points

  • Ultimate guide to integrating tarot into your daily life 🔮
  • Filled with practical exercises and easy-to-follow activities ⭐️
  • 336 pages 📖