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Explore Ancient Religions, Spiritualities & Practices

Learn how to incorporate Modern Paganism into your everyday life with our selection of Pagan books.

Authors like Scott Cunningham, Christopher Penczak, Mat Auryn, Margot Adler, Lisa Chamberlain, and more share insights into how you can expand your spiritual paths through, essential knowledge, ritual practices, solitary practice, nature-based spirituality, Pagan rituals, spiritual exploration, folk magic, and magical training.

Enhance your daily practice and magickal life by diving into these influential books.

Best Books To Start Your Pagan Path

Ancient spiritual practices meet Modern Paganism in these great comprehensive guides for beginner and baby Witches:

Round out your practice: Check out our books on herbs for magic, Wiccan practices, and see books that feature a wide collection of spells.

Best Books On Norse Pagan & Norse Religion

Explore the rich history of ancient Norse religion spun into a modern practice:

See our full Norse Paganism book section.

Best Books On Celtic Paganism

Uncover old magickal knowledge with these Celtic magic books:

See our full collection of Celtic Paganism books.

All Books On Pagan Practices, Spells & Magic

See all books by authors such as Christopher Penczak, Scott Cunningham, Raymond Buckland, Starhawk, and more!