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Dive deep into the waters of Cerridwen’s cauldron with our selection of Celtic Paganism books.

Celtic traditions are comprised of Celtic mythology and Celtic religions that stem from Irish mythology, Irish Paganism, Scottish rituals, Welsh influences, and Pagan traditions.

Our selection of Celtic books is perfect for everyone’s spiritual path, from baby witches to modern paganism practitioners to ancient religion historians.

If you’re a beginner, new to your Pagan path, but you’ve heard whisperings of Cernunnos, Rhiannon, Cerridwen, or Lugh, this is the book section for you.

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Passed down from oral traditions to written Celtic mythology, these books are perfect for your Pagan religion bookshelf.

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  • One of the most comprehensives books on Brigid 🔥
  • Filled with research, folklore, and personal experiences ✍️
  • 256 pages 📖
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Explore the world of Celtic Magic by D. J. Conway, a mystical tradition firmly rooted in history as well as in present day, with this book. Within you will find methods of spellwork, ritual, meditation, and divination all derived from Celtic roots.

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  • Witchcraft based on Faerie tradition, Celtic Shamanism, Witchcraft and Arthurian legend 🧚‍♀️
  • 320 Pages 📘
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