A pink candle spell on a plate of rose quartz chips and sunflower petals, on a table covered with pink rose petals

Sunflower & Rose Quartz Best Friend Spell

Ever thought about casting a best friend spell?

Have you ever wondered if you could enhance your friendship with the help of the universe?

Buckle up because today we’re diving deep into how to combine the energetic qualities of sunflowers and rose quartz to create the ultimate Best Friend Spell.

Characteristics of Sunflower

A sunflower isn’t just a pretty bloom; it’s a symbol of adoration and loyalty. Sunflowers follow the sun, turning their faces towards light and positivity, making them perfect for friendship spells.

Characteristics of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as the stone of love and compassion. It’s often used in spells for love and emotional healing. Its soft pink hues radiate empathy, trust, and harmony.

The Connection Between Sunflowers and Rose Quartz

Emotional Aspects

Both sunflowers and rose quartz have emotional qualities that align well. While sunflowers signify loyalty and joy, rose quartz is all about love and compassion. Combined, they create a powerful synergy.


The sunflower symbolizes friendship, while rose quartz represents love. Together, they make for a strong symbol of friendship love, transcending the ordinary to touch the realm of the extraordinary.

Sunflower & Rose Quartz Best Friend Spell

A pink candle spell on a plate of rose quartz chips and sunflower petals, on a table covered with pink rose petals
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Sunflower & Rose Quartz Best Friend Spell

The aim of this spell is to attract a best friend with the qualities you desire. By using a pink candle for love and friendship, sunflower petals for happiness and loyalty, and rose quartz for love and emotional harmony, this spell aims to align the energies around you to help you find your dream best friend.
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time20 minutes
Total Time25 minutes
Keyword: Friendship Spells
Yield: 1 best friend



  • Prepare: Begin by grounding yourself. Take deep breaths, relax, and focus your energy.
  • Cleanse the Area: Smudge the area with sage or another purifying herb to remove any negative energy. Ensure that the area is quiet and you will not be disturbed.
  • Cast the Circle: According to your tradition, cast a circle to create a sacred space for your spell.
  • Set the Intention: Hold the rose quartz in your hand and quietly set your intention to attract a best friend with the traits that you desire.
  • Write Traits: On a piece of paper, write down the traits you would like your dream best friend to possess. Be as specific or as general as you wish, but remember to focus on the qualities rather than a specific person.
  • Prepare the Candle: Place the pink candle on a bowl or plate. Surround the base of the candle with sunflower petals.
  • Light the Candle: Light the pink candle with the intention of friendship and love.
  • Read Aloud: Holding the rose quartz in one hand and the paper in the other, read the list of traits aloud, visualizing each trait forming a connection between you and your future best friend.
  • Say the Spell: Read aloud each trait, and between each trait, say:
    Powers that be, hear my plea,
    Bring a best friend close to me.
    One who's true, and good, and kind,
    A perfect match for heart and mind.
    As I will, so mote it be.
  • Seal the Energy: Place the rose quartz near the candle. Fold the paper into a small size and place it under the bowl or plate, beneath the candle.
  • Close the Circle: Once you feel the energy has been sufficiently raised and the spell has been set, thank the deities or powers you've called upon, and close the circle according to your tradition.
  • Let the Candle Burn: Let the candle burn down completely if safe to do so, or snuff it out without blowing.
  • Post-Spell: Keep the rose quartz and the paper with the traits written on it in a safe place until and after your best friend manifests into your life.


Remember that magic works best when you also take practical steps to achieve your goals. Be open to new friendships and experiences, and keep an eye out for signs or coincidences that could lead you to your dream best friend.
Disclaimer: This spell is intended for entertainment and personal spiritual use. It’s important to remember that not all spells will work for everyone, and success can depend on a variety of factors, including your own energy, concentration, and belief in the process.
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