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Ostara Ritual for Manifestation + Open Possibilities 2018

Grow your intentions and manifest your needs with this Ostara ritual!

What is Ostara?

Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, primarily focuses on the balance between day and night, as this is the day on which light and dark are equal. Hence, the term spring “equinox”. During this time of year, the Sun is beginning to gain more time in our sky, contributing to an increase of warmth, hope, energy, and growth.

This beautiful aspect of Ostara, which we’ll be focusing on in this ritual, connects our spell work to new growth and an opening of new possibilities.

What kinds of spells can we do during Ostara?

As seeds begin to sprout and grow all around your half of the world, so, too, can our goals. The best types of spells do to during Sabbats are long-term spells geared towards larger goals.

Furthermore, the best way to perform spells is to focus on only the outcome and allow nature’s seemingly random pathworking take care of the rest. So, set that intention, and forget that intention!

How will this Ostara spell work?

For this spell, we will utilize local random wildflower seeds to symbolize all of the possible routes for your spell’s manifestation to grow and take place. Know that as these seeds grow and come to life, so does your intention.  Did we mention Earth-friendly this spell actually is?

This Ostara spell will not only help you manifest your needs, but it will also help the Earth continue to grow and manifest her needs. Local wildflowers are excellent for giving honeybees, Earth’s keepers, food, fuel, and a sanctuary to continue to thrive.

Let’s celebrate this Ostara by sending love, light, and life into the Universe!

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Ostara Open Possibilities Ritual

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Spell Ingredients

  • 1 white sage cleansing bundle
  • 1 packet of random local wildflower seeds [These symbolize every single type of possibility in your life, known and unknown. They also act as your offering for this Sabbat.]
  • 1 pink candle [Act as a beacon of friendship]
  • 1 yellow candle [Act as a beacon of knowledge]
  • 1 purple candle [Act as a beacon of divine truth]
  • 1 white candle [Act as a beacon of protection]
  • 1 hard boiled egg [This symbolizes a fertile source of energy to grow]

Optional Vibe Enhancing Ingredients

Spell Instructions

  1. Cleanse: Cleanse your spell items and sacred area with your white sage cleansing bundle or your favorite bundle or “smudge stick”.
  2. Cast: Create your sacred space. If you don’t have a favorite circle casting ritual, check out our basic circle casting ritual here.
  3. Dedicate: Dedicate the space and ritual to the day of Ostara, the Spring Equinox. Use your own words, recite a poem, or say, “Ostara, Equinox, day of rebirth, On this day, the wheel turneth forth. Equal light, and equal dark, A new time of growth this sabbat marks. (Your favorite Ostara deity/deities), I call you near, To aid in celebrating rebirth this year. On this day, of balance and ease, I work with Ostara to bless these seeds. And as new plants grow in new light, Today’s energy will help me grow (your intention) in my life.”
  4. Sympathetic Magick: Arrange the candles in a square around the seeds and egg. As you light each candle, you are aiding the action of bringing more light into the world. This new light helps your intention grow, just like the sun will help the seeds in your seed packet grow. “Pink to bring the energy of friends To help (your intention) grow and ascend. Yellow to bring knowledge of life To help (your intention) manifest right. Purple to call in energy of the divine, To help make (your intention) mine. White to protect all that I need To help (your intention) take hold after seed. Egg to give me the strength to grow To help (your intention) begin to flow. The many possibilities within these seeds Open many roads for (your intention) to manifest for me.”
  5. Energy Building via Visualization: Eat the egg and feel yourself being filled with the power of creation. Allow your meditation to take you to a field where hundreds of different wildflowers are beginning to grow. Know that each of these wildflowers is a potential, untapped road to your manifested goal; know that each of these is a usable, potential route to your dream, ready to help at a moment’s notice. Then, immediately see yourself with your manifested intention. Don’t focus on the path to obtaining your intention; the perfect, random possibilities are being divinely created with this spell. See only the success of your spell. Feel how happy you are with the results.
  6. Release: When you can’t contain your excitement of seeing the spell be complete, place your hands on the seed packet, and feel the energy of your excitement flow down your arms, through your hands, and into the seeds. Say, “Crack the earth and open roads, How it happens, I need not know. As these plants grow from these seeds, (your intention) will manifest for me. An it harm none. So mote it be.”
  7. Close the spell: Thank the deities you invited and close your sacred space.
  8. Finish the spell: Go into nature and sprinkle the local wildflower seeds, knowing that the random contents of these seeds are sparking random paths to your intention, within your life.

Know that as these seeds grow and come to life, so does your intention. The Earth thanks you for this ritual. Blessed Ostara!

Copyright 2018 Jennifer “Aurora Moone” McDonald / All Rights Reserved.

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