13 Ways to Clear and Recharge Crystals

Crystals are a beautiful, elegant, and natural source of good vibes, whether they’re used in a crystal grids, gris gris bags, good luck charms, jewelry, gem elixirs, or spells!

However, like anything on our planet, they also absorb a myriad of vibes from their environment. Over time, your crystals can hit their maximum capacity and become less effective or even crack, shatter, and break if not given a period of rest and repair.

In this quick article, we’ll give you a few great ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals so that they’re always giving you their all, when you need them most!

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13 Ways to Clear and Recharge Crystals

1. Let them relax in running water.


Not recommended for water-soluble crystals, such as azurite.

2. Place or bury them in your garden.


3. Leave them bathe out in the Sun.

via GIPHYNot recommended for light-sensitive crystals, such as amethyst or citrine.

4. Let them recharge under the Full Moon.


5. Store them with Carnelian or spray them with Carnelian gem elixir.


6. Pop them into your freezer.

via GIPHYThis is not particularly recommended because the drastic change in temperature can cause a sudden crack in your crystals.

7. Give your crystals Reiki.


8. Use Sage to raise their vibrations to their most pure and natural level.


9. Give them a spa day in room temperature salt water.

via GIPHYNot recommended for water-soluble or oxidizable crystals, such as selenite or hematite.

10. Store them in a bowl of salt.

via GIPHYNot recommended for soft crystals, such as selenite.

11. Cleanse them with vibrations by playing music in the key of D or strike a D tuned singing bowl or drum.


12. Create a cleansing and revitalizing crystal grid by resting your crystal atop a piece of Carnelian and surround it by Clear Quartz points directed inward.


13. Pass them through all 4 elements to awaken their primal energy source.


Now that your crystals are cleansed and returned to their natural state, be sure to program them to do exactly what you need! The power is yours!Copyright 2018 Jennifer “Aurora Moon” McDonald / All Rights Reserved.

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