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4 Iced Potions that will Literally Change Your Life

Just when you thought a crisp, cool, iced tea on a hot summer’s day couldn’t get any better, we drop this one on you: Iced Potions. Yes! Magickally-infused iced teas to help you bring your goals closer in life!

What is an “Iced Potion”?

An iced potion is a fun, new way to brew and drink magickal potions, elixirs, and tonics. Plentiful Earth likes to make our magickal lives fun, and this is a great way to make the mundane magickal, and the magickal extramagickal! We may or may not add a little extra to life.

Wait. What is a potion?

A potion is any brewed, infused or decocted liquid that is made with strong will and intent. Potions can be ingested (if made with edible herbs and potable liquids) or used externally, such as in a bath or as a hair rinse.

How is an “Iced Potion” different from a regular potion?

Potions, traditionally, are made warm or taken at room temperature. Yes, there are currently cooled potions, in our modern age, but we’re excited to start calling the cool, refreshing ones “Iced Potions”!I mean, doesn’t the sound of that just send sparkles through your aura?

How is an “Iced Potion” different from Iced Tea?

Long story short: Iced tea can easily become an Iced Potion. The only thing it’s lacking is intent! A potion is any brewed, infused or decocted liquid that is made with strong will and intent. No intent? It’s just tea with medicinal effects. Added intent and will? Boom. Potion!

Is an “Iced Potion” still a magickal item?

Absolutely! It’s the most refreshing magickal item you could have!

Caveat to crafting Magickal Iced Potions

As with any Kitchen Witch spell, it’s important for you to consecrate and visualize your goal with each ingredient. Be sure you’re ingesting herbs that will not harm yourself or others, and always consult a doctor before ingesting herbs. We know you’re thirsting to get started, so we’ll skip the formalities! Let’s get brewing!

Plentiful Earth’s Iced Potion Recipe Book

Love-Potion-#13--Iced-Hibiscus-Cinnamon-Tea-Potion-Magickal-RecipeLove Potion #13 Iced Tea Potion Recipe

  • Sensual cinnamon and hibiscus iced tea
  • Perfect for calling love to you
  • Amazing for a hot date night
  • See the recipe →

money-maker-spiced-mint-iced-tea-magickal-potion-recipeMoney Maker Iced Tea Potion Recipe

  • Rich spiced mint iced tea
  • An excellent sipper while you round out your business goals
  • Wonderful before a Strawberry Moon Esbat for money spells!
  • See the recipe →

focus-pocus-iced-rosemary-lemonade-magickal-potionFocus Pocus Iced Lemonade Potion Recipe

  • Refreshing and memorable rosemary lemonade
  • Light a few yellow candles, down this drink, and let air carry you away!
  • Perfect for sipping while studying or business-plan building.
  • See the recipe →

Best-of-the-Stress--Iced-Earl-Grey-Lavender-Tea-PotionBest of the Stress Earl Gray Iced Tea Potion Recipe

  • Relaxing lavender and earl grey iced tea
  • Long day at work? Let it melt away this evening!
  • Perfect for calming down after a stressful event or cooling off before bed!
  • See the recipe →

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