A hand holding a sparkler, with the American flag in the background, overlaid with text "4th of July - instant wish spell," infused with metaphysical energy.

Fourth of July Instant Wish Spell

Everyone loves the excitement of Independence Day. Fireworks, cookouts, dreams coming true, and freedoms realized. Why not harness the amazing energy and fast effects of fire to make your dreams come true or inch closer to your personal freedom?

This spell utilizes the power, intensity, and quickness of fire to spark your goals into action. The best part? This spell only takes as long as a sparkler to cast!

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Fourth of July Instant Wish Spell

Best performed: Waxing or Full Moon, Independence Day, or a Tuesday

Spell Ingredients

  • Lighter
  • Sparkler, try to correspond the sparker’s color with your need.

Spell Instructions

  1. Visualize your wish or need.
  2. Light a sparkler.
  3. Spin in a clockwise circle while visualizing the outcome of your spell.
  4. Spin until the sparkler goes out, and know it is done.

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