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MookyChick’s May Day Crowning Worldwide Ritual ⚡ An Interview

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Happy Beltane! Join us on May 1 of every year as we do a Worldwide May Day Magic Annual Crowning Ritual, written by UK Magazine and Community: MookyChickLooking for a new Beltane ritual this year? Perhaps you want a new way to celebrate May Day, or you feel just as strongly as we do about Sisterhood, Brotherhood, and World Coexistance through Universal Love! Whatever your reason, we want to invite you to join us on May 1 for the May Day Magic Annual Crowning Ritual!

What is the Worldwide May Day Magic Annual Crowning Ritual?

Every year, on the first of May, MookyChick Magazine invite witches worldwide to work light magic together and honour each other with a magical crown.

In folklore the May Queen is crowned annually on 1st May. Join us in honouring that tradition on May Day when we all wear a magical May Day crown gifted by another!

We call upon empowerment to make each other a stronger person and tomorrow a better day!

Where can I find the Beltane / May Day Magic Annual Crowning Ritual?

Written by the MookyChick Hivemind, and published by Magda, The May Day Magic Annual Crowning Ritual can be found here!

To learn a little more about this beautiful ritual, we interviewed Magda! Check out this exclusive interview below!

See the Beltane/May Day Ritual Here →

MookyChick’s May Day Crowning Worldwide Ritual ⚡ An Interview

Aurora Moone, PlentifulEarth.com: What inspired the birth and creation of the May Day Magic Annual Crowning Ritual?

Magda, MookyChick:

The inspiration for a May Day ritual came in a flash, and it came from nature! In April 2017 I sat in the garden, considering the beauty of the budding shoots and unfurling blooms, and my thoughts turned to May Day. I wondered if there was a worldwide May Day ritual that anyone could attend even if they couldn’t make it to specific local events – like the famous Jack in the Green event in Hastings, UK. There wasn’t.

Nature is generous. Nature loves enrichment and growth spurts and sustenance. Nature doesn’t believe you can ever have too much of a good thing.

I marvelled at the garden’s flowers, and thought what a beautiful May Day crown they would make. But not just for a single May Queen in a procession, as Beltane and May Day tradition has it. It would be wonderful for everyone to participate in a mass crowning ritual, in a positive and powerful rite of magic to venerate the uplifting energies of the spring season. And thus May Day Magic was born!

Aurora: What is symbolic about the crowning of others on this sacred Beltane day?



In Beltane tradition, any May Tree you choose to dress is the God and any crown placed atop it symbolises the Goddess.

The crowning of a May Queen is also steeped in tradition. For centuries, it’s been folk practice to choose a maiden from the community and have her crowned and wearing white as she leads the people in a May Day procession. She represents spring and new growth and a promise of blooming and rich harvest to come.

Pagan beliefs vary greatly, but some of them feature a May Queen maiden coming forth on Beltane to challenge the great crone Queen of winter. So the concept of of seasons and crowns representing divine rule is deep-rooted.

To reflect the generous spirit of nature in spring, the May Day Magic ritual ensures that everyone is crowned. Everyone gets to have their divinity recognised by another, and pay someone else the generous gift of venerating them in return.

Finally, a crown is a circle – and so is the May Day Magic sigil. With a heart in a circle, it echoes the shape of the atom from which all things come, and the eternity of seasons, as well as the shape of a symbolic crown offered and received with impartial love.

Aurora: We love that this is a Worldwide event! PlentifulEarth.com believes in true coexistence and empowering Humans to come together in Universal Love. Is this May Day Magic Annual Crowning / Beltane Ritual something that’s specific to Witches or can anyone participate and feel empowered?


That’s beautiful! There are so many paths to follow! So many beliefs and forms of practice! Here at Mookychick, we invite anyone who believes ritual has meaning and magical intent has value to take part in the ritual and work it in their own fashion. You can be atheist, or Wiccan, or believe in a single God, or agnostic, or pagan, or following your own distinct path.

All that matters is that you wish to take part, and you participate in a way which feels right, contains the seeds and blooms of what the spring season means to you and doesn’t conflict with your practice.

See the Beltane/May Day Ritual Here →

Aurora: What’s the most amazing story or feedback you’ve received from someone who participated in the first May Day Magic Annual Crowning Ritual in 2017?


Honestly, I think all the stories are amazing – because they have all been positive stories that reflect the wonderful participants getting something meaningful out of the experience.

Some people with crafting hearts have put the most wondrous efforts into fashioning their crowns. So much imagination has been displayed in considering how to represent a symbolic crown, from crystal and candle circles on altars to the May Day Magic sigil etched onto a sandy beach.

And I love how some members in the community have said that they have felt magic in their hearts but not practised any magic for some time, but May Day Magic has given them a chance to trail their hands and feet in the waters of ritual once more.

I also love how people have shared their tips, workings and May Day Magic crowns on social media, helping others to consider ways to conduct their own rituals.

Aurora: In 2017, what was the farthest country you know of that participated in the May Day Magic Annual Crowning Ritual?


Brazil! Wonderful Brazil!

Aurora: If we wanted to coordinate our ritual with MookyChick’s, what time will you be performing your ritual?


Time is not linear, and neither is a circle. Time zones are a needless headache, we feel, and May Day Magic is strong and loose enough to keep the circle intact!

We suggest only that you conduct your ritual on May Day, on May 1st. You can do it in your own time zone, wherever you are in the world. You could be conducting a dawn ritual while someone on the other side of the planet is creating a crown in their lunchtime work break or gathering with partygoers on a club night to link hands in a circle and make a human crown at 3AM.

What matter most is symbolism, and the intent to crown another on May 1st. If you take part in May Day Magic on May 1st, you’re golden. Your ritual is successfully coordinated with everyone else who has taken part.

Think of it like this: You symbolically crown another, and receive a crown from someone who is yet to make their crown, because they won’t be taking part until later in the day. But you’ll receive your crown in the moment of adorning another. Because time isn’t linear. And the circle holds it all together.

Circles are amazing. Circles work.

See the Beltane/May Day Ritual Here →

Aurora: What are the amazing benefits of everyone working this magick at once or on the same day?


Oh, we’d love to hear everyone else’s views on this! For us, that unity represents intent and acknowledgment. You may not see them, but you know others are taking part. Like you, they have dedicated time, intent, action and love to venerate another and offer them symbolic uplifting spring energy. To us at Mookychick, that imbues a great feeling of warmth, power and reassurance.

The strength of a group of people working with intent and the strength of one person pouring dedication into their craft cannot be over-estimated.

Aurora: What would be a great way for covens and non-solitary groups perform this ritual?


We would LOVE to hear from covens and groups and how they wish to work together for a May Day Magic ritual!

One way might be for everyone in the group to join hands in a circle and perhaps have a focus in the centre of the circle, thus representing one beautiful whole crown.

Another way might be for folk in a circle to each bring a crown to wear, then pass the crowns along from head to head as part of the ritual until each person in the circle has worn every crown. Then all the crowns can be offered to distant, unseen others at an altar. This way might allow the group or coven to symbolically crown each other on Beltane, but also be part of the inclusive May Day Magic Circle.

These are just two potential means of practice as a group. Some folk reading may like them, and some may be horrified! And that, to me, is important and special, and very much the point. The key as a group or coven is to come up with a ritual that makes you feel good and right. Love and respect the way you’ve chose to take part, and your crown will be beautiful, and will find its home.

Aurora: When performing the ritual, what are some great tips for practitioners to pulse love into the crown? How will they be sure it worked?


Oh, one’s personal markers of success in magic are so interesting! One key thing about the May Day Magic ritual is that if you’ve taken part, it’s worked. It was not initially intended as results magic. The overwhelming response so far from those taking part has been that those attending the ritual made them feel good, and proud, and warm in their inner being, and empowered, and many other positive states. For a ritual such as this, if you feel good for having done it, it has worked.

When pulsing love into the crown, practitioners may choose to use breathwork as a focus. Breathing deeply places you in a heightened state, and you can introduce symbolic numbers you feel are appropriate into the ritual by considering the number of times you breathe deeply when pulsing love into the crown.

Practitioners can also use colour and vision to imagine the crown surrounded in, for example, golden light, or in colours ascribed to spring and May Day such as white and lilac.

Folk who feel attuned to music in ritual may choose to focus their love on the crown while singing or listening to an appropriate air, to help their senses be heightened and increase connection with the crown.

Dancers may wish to incorporate a circle dance, either solo or as group work, into their ritual, to help them have the structure of a beginning, building, climax and rest – the charging and releasing of love-energy.

Aurora: When performing the ritual, can practitioners add things to their spell that are not in the original ritual plan?



The May Day Magic ritual offers an example three-step ritual, and this example ritual was shaped with input from a number of magic workers to help it service as a workable ritual to anyone, of any faith, gender, orientation, ability or anything else.

The full ritual and FAQs may be found here:

Mookychick May Day Magic Ritual

However, the ritual outlined in the linked guide is solely example. We ADORE hearing from people who have tweaked the ritual, re-invented it or discovered new ways to perform elements of it!

Anyone taking part is warmly encouraged to shape the ritual their way in order to feel empowered and to feel like they have taken part as their true selves.

Only ask yourself this:

  • Did you create a symbolic crown on May 1st?
  • Did you ritually bestow it on another in the spirit of love and generosity?

If so, the circle is complete.

Extra deets!


We truly love it when folk wish to share their May Day Magic rituals, crowns, altars, insights and experience with the wider community.

Anyone taking part is warmly welcome to include #MayDayMagic and @MayDayMagick in your social conversations, so that we can all benefit from each other’s insights, experiences and imagination!

Our deepest thanks to PlentifulEarth.com for their generosity in helping May Day Magic grow and flourish. You are beautiful.

And so are we all.

On May 1st, let us come together and work our craft as a community, wherever we are. We shall all wear the crown.

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