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Aurora Moone
Head Witch | Owner

Jennifer Kiza “Aurora Moone” McDonald is the owner of Plentiful Earth, founder of Coexist at Southern Miss! She first found her calling in Hattiesburg, MS, where she saw a broken Pagan and “minority religion” community in need of love and healing. Her motivating persona, enthusiasm, and happiness helps her bridge gaps in any area she visits.

Aurora has close friends of every religious background and spiritual path. With personal experience in Christianity and Earth-based religions, she believes, whole-heartedly, in the power of coexistence through love, respect, and growth.

She specializes in Mindfulness, Usui Reiki, Ascension Reiki, meditation, extra-sensory perception, and tarot analysis and reading. She’s currently a moderator for African American Wiccans.

In her daily life, she’s a 9 time award-winning designer, creative services manager, Rwandan child sponsor, and 4th year Austinite.

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