Phases of a solar eclipse against a dark sky, observed as a spiritual phenomenon.

Ultimate Cleansing Solar Eclipse Spell

Have a hex that you can’t get rid of? Under a curse that seems as dark as night? Your casting of love spells not seeming to work because you’re stuck in a pattern of learning? Learn to harness the power of a solar eclipse to clear yourself and start fresh and be open to messages and new directions. Get rid of all the harmful baggage you’re carrying!

What is a Solar Eclipse?

This astronomical and astrological beauty known as a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon, our symbol for feminine energy, and the Sun, our symbol for masculine energy, appear to come together in the sky. 

The New Moon, not the Full Moon, appears to fully cover the entire sphere of the bright Sun; the moon passes in front of and blocks the Sun, covering up its bright optimism with complete darkness. The Goddess takes center stage, pulling out our most internal and powerful inner energies and fears, and the God cleanses them clean with the fire of the Sun. The end result is a new day and a new you.

In mystical terms, this eclipse of the sun symbolizes the new moon coming together with the powerful sun to birth a brand new creation — pure and raw energy.

In short — this event is one of the most powerful energies that a Witch can work with! Let’s use them to give ourselves a clean slate! Get rid of all the harmful baggage you’re carrying!

This solar eclipse spell will make you say, “New Sun, who dis?”

Can I cast a solar eclipse spell if I don’t see the eclipse?

Absolutely! The energy can still be felt and harnessed on Earth, no matter where you are, North America, the Middle East, it doesn’t matter! Whether it’s a partial solar eclipse, annular solar eclipse, or a total solar eclipse, you can still use this spell. If you can see the eclipse, be sure to wear eclipse glasses.

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Ultimate Cleansing Solar Eclipse Spell

When to cast this magic spell: During any solar eclipse.

Goal: Allow your fears, hexes, fixes, and any harmful energies to be cleansed away to make room for a new version of yourself to make better in the new solar year.

Spell Ingredients

Spell Instructions

  1. Cleanse: Minutes before the beginning of the eclipse, cleanse yourself and your sacred space of harmful energies with your smudge stick.
  2. Cast: If your spiritual path calls for it, cast a protective circle around your sacred space.
  3. Visualize: When the eclipse starts, see yourself surrounded by any harmful energies, fears, hexes, fixes, curses, bad luck, repetitive bad habits, or recurring issues you continue to run into.
    Know that the dark sphere covering the Sun represents the darkness and harmful thoughtforms that loom around your current being. Know that these will move away from you once the spell is complete.
  4. Prepare
    1. Place your charcoal tablet in your tablet holder and light it.
    2. Using your black marker, write your name in the center of your petition paper.
    3. Around your name, write everything you want to cleanse yourself of.
    4. Place a pinch of angelica root in the center of your petition paper and fold it away from you three times.
  5. Meditate: Hold the folded paper in your hands. If you are outside and can see the event, place your safety-approved eclipse glasses on and pay attention to the eclipse. If you are inside, close your eyes and visualize the eclipse.

    As the sun begins to reappear, feel its power and heat burning away everything that is holding your back.
  6. Burn away your past: When you see the bright glimmer of the Sun or feel the hottest energy, light the white candle, use it to light your petition paper on fire, cleansing you of everything holding you back. Drop it into the cauldron of rebirth. Know that just like the sun, you are burning away all that no longer serves your highest good.
  7. Purify yourself: Drop the second pinch of angelica root onto your hot charcoal tablet, and allow yourself to be bathed and purified in the smoke. You are now ready to move into your next Solar season. You’re more powerful than you were 10 minutes ago!
  8. Close the circle: If you cast a circle for step two, take your circle down, now.

Tell us how your spell of magic went and get ready for the next solar eclipse!

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